The Chrysler 300 S – Affordable, Powerful, and Beautiful

chrysler 300 s at kendall chrysler

When you think of a luxury sedan that packs tons of power, the Chrysler 300 S may not be the first car that comes to mind, but it should be. You may be thinking of a more “luxurious” brand-name car like the Lexus LS 460 F Sport. However, when you compare these vehicles side-by-side, the Chrysler 300 S is not only just as luxurious and powerful, but also much more affordable.


Both the Lexus LS 460 F Sport and the Chrysler 300S have powerful engines. The Lexus LS 460 F has a 386-horsepower 4.6-liter V8 engine. The Chrysler 300S has a V6 engine that puts out 300 horsepower, but buyers can upgrade to a 5.7-liter HEMI V8 engine that puts out 363 horsepower.


The Lexus has a sleek and polished appearance inside and out. Features like bolstered seats, a leather grip steering wheel, aluminum interior trim, LED fog lamps, and a spindle grille come standard on the LS 460 F Sport.

The interior of the 300S is smooth, comfortable, and stylish. Standard interior features like heated leather seats, a leather wrapped steering wheel, and a nickel finish analog clock all add an upscale feel. On the exterior of the Chrysler are 20-inch hyper black aluminum wheels, BSW all season performance tires, LED fog lights, and black LED tail lamps.


Staying entertained and connected is important. Whether you are driving to work or going on a long road trip, fun makes every drive better. That is why the Chrysler 300 S comes with standard technology features such as Sirius XM radio (one-year subscription included), a 8.4-inch touchscreen with the new UConnect system, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, HD radio, and integrated bluetooth voice command. The Lexus LS 460 F Sport has a few entertainment features including a touchscreen multimedia system with navigation, and audio and climate controls, [click to continue…]


Advantages to Bringing the Chrysler Pacifica on Your Next Camping Trip

camping in a chrysler pacifica

Camping is fun! Setting up the tent, not so fun. Don’t fret, the Chrysler Pacifica is easy to transform into tent or “room on wheels.”

  • The Chrysler Pacifica has Stow ‘n Go seating, so the second- and third-row seats can be folded into the floor to create a flat surface. In many cases people use the flat space when moving or carrying over-sized cargo, but why not use it to sleep on?
  • To add extra comfort throw a mattress (make sure it fits) on the flat surface and make it up with sheets and a blanket (make better than a sleeping bag!). A full size mattress is a standard size of 54 x 74 and the width of the Pacifica is 79.6-inches.
  • Ready to sleep, but it’s too hot in the van? Open tailgate to allow for fresh air to get in. Florida camping means bugs, we know, but all you need to do is cover the back with a mosquito net and the bugs will stay out of you DIY bedroom.

Extra features awesome for Pacifica camping:

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Memories from the Walter P. Chrysler Museum

Cars from the Chrysler Museum

With all of the heritage models Dodge has been releasing lately, we have been spending a lot of time thinking about classic models, and that brought up the Walter P. Chrysler Museum. In addition to Chrysler models, the museum houses some of the rarest, most unique, Dodge, Jeep and Ram models as well.

Unfortunately, after re-opening for a few months in 2016, the museum permanently closed at the end of 2016. While we may not be able to see the awesome classic models that used to be on display there, we can still talk about them. Here are a couple of our favorites.

1948 Chrysler Town & Country Convertible

The Chrysler Town & Country wasn’t always a minivan. The 1948 Town & Country was available as a four-door sedan or a two-door convertible and the Chrysler museum housed a convertible model. Like many of the other models produced that year, model on display had all the classic bodystyle features like an elongated body style, round headlights, and wood panels, which is why it was known as a “woody” back then. [click to continue…]


The Chrysler Portal and Possibility of a Real Future?

Chrysler Portal kendall Chrysler

Happy auto show season! One vehicle people are freaking out over (and rightfully so) is the Chrysler Portal. The Portal was seen at both the Detroit Auto Show and CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas. The Portal is a “minivan,” but we use that term loosely when talking about the Portal.

The Portal is basically a self-driving and technologically advanced vehicle that looks like a minivan, but is so much more. It has everything millennials want. At the moment the Portal is still just a concept. However, FCA CEO, Sergio Marchionne confirmed the interest Chrysler has in creating a similar vehicle to the Portal concept for production within the next several years. [click to continue…]


2017 Chrysler Pacifica or Pacifica Hybrid is the Perfect Vehicle for Summer!

Chrysler Pacifica Kendall Chrysler

Summer is just around the corner and the Chrysler Pacifica is the perfect summer vehicle. The advanced and modern features make the Chrysler Pacifica one of the most convenient, fun and all-around perfect minivans on the market. No longer just for busy parents, the Chrysler Pacifica is an excellent vehicles for Millennials, college students, bands, and even businesses, not to mention, it is the best road trip car. Check out all of the ways it’s great for summer.

Reasons to buy a 2017 Chrysler Pacifica for this summer:

  • Never run out of space for cargo or passengers. The Chrysler Pacifica comes standard as a seven passenger minivan, but it is available with eight passenger seating as well.
  • When the vehicle’s Stow ‘n Go seating is properly configured, there is up to 140.5 cubic feet of flat cargo space available. Think about it, you could camp in there!

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Get Ready for Summer with the Chrysler Pacifica

Chrysler Pacifica cargo room for summer road trips

Summer is right around the corner, are you ready for the kids to be out of school and go on a few road trips? You could be “super” ready for your family’s summer plans with the Chrysler Pacifica. The Chrysler Pacifica is much more than a minivan — it is a fuel efficient, convenient, and tech savvy vehicle that the whole family can enjoy.

Reasons to get a Chrysler Pacifica for your family before summer

Space for Road Trips

Summer is all about family vacations and fun, which for many means a road trip. As fun as road trips and family time can be, they can be stressful if there’s not enough space for everything (or everyone) you need.

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Stylize Your Chrysler 300 With Mopar Accessories and Mods

Chrysler 300 mopar mods

The Chrysler 300 is stylish, luxurious, and advanced and if you want to add your own touch and personality to your Chrysler 300 there are a few ways to do so. What better way to modify any FCA vehicle than with Mopar parts and accessories? Mopar offers many parts to modify and style the Chrysler 300. Check out some of our favorites.


For many the exterior of a vehicle is the most important part of the vehicle to modify because everyone sees it. Mopar offers tons of awesome exterior parts and some of the most popular are listed below.

  • Exterior accents including chrome mirrors, a chrome grille, or you can go in the other direction with matte black options.
  • Larger wheels to upgrade the 300’s factory 20-inch wheels.
  • Splash guards are for look and convenience as they protect a vehicle from dirt and rocks.
  • Mopar makes a rear spoiler that adds a sportier and more aggressive look.
  • Lighting mods like LED lights, colored fog lights, and more can be purchased via Mopar and easily installed for a personalized look.

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Improve Tax Season with a $7,500 Tax Credit for Buying New Pacifica Hybrid

Chrysler Pacifica hybrid

Tax season can be a frustrating time of the year if you are paying taxes, but it can also be a rewarding time of the year if you are getting a refund check. But one thing that might make next year’s tax season a little better for anyone would be purchasing a new vehicle that qualifies for a $7,500 federal tax credit.

There are several vehicles that qualify for the tax credit, but one of the newest to qualify that is also grabbing up awards is the new 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid. Not only do users save fuel costs, but they reduce their carbon footprint and they get money back for their purchase — sounds like a win-win-win.

Maybe you are thinking “that all sounds great, but hybrids are usually sedans and too small for my family.” That’s not true for the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid. It has seating for seven passengers, which is great for a family or business. Also, the Pacifica Hybrid is equipped with a ton of technology, a comfortable interior and an award-winning powertrain that makes it fuel efficient, yet powerful. Here are some highlights. [click to continue…]


New BraunAbility Chrysler Pacifica is Wheelchair-Accessible

BraunAbility Wheelchair-Accessible Chrysler Pacifica

Chrysler has partnered  with BraunAbility (the leading automotive mobility company in the U.S.) to produce a Pacifica made for people in wheelchairs. The van is named the BraunAbility Chrysler Pacifica and it was recently on display at the Chicago Auto Show in February.  

Most cars and vans are not made accessible for those in wheelchairs, and many of the vehicles that are available are very pricey. For that very reason, Chrysler and BraunAbility created an impressive mobility-focussed minivan that is also affordable.

The Pacifica’s new features include a wider and more spacious interior, the widest door opening in the industry, and a wheelchair ramp. The ramp is actually an innovative piece of equipment named AccessAbility, and its patent is pending, so Chrysler could be one of the only to offer the feature if patented! [click to continue…]


New Chrysler Pacifica is a Self-driving Minivan

self driving pacifica miami lakes

The Chrysler Pacifica has already revolutionized the minivan segment – twice, and now it’s about to blow everyone’s minds again.

The first Chrysler Pacifica was a gas-powered model, and it surprised everyone with it’s sleek appearance and unexpected high-tech features. Then, Chrysler released the Pacifica Hybrid, making it the first plug-in hybrid electric minivan ever. Now, there is a new Chrysler Pacifica — it’s a self-driving Pacifica and it is expected to come out in 2017.

We don’t know much (yet), but as the automotive show season continues, we are certain to learn more details about the autonomous Pacifica. The self-driving Pacifica is not solely produced by FCA. It’s been a collaboration with Google’s self-driving team, Waymo. Both companies haven’t said much regarding the new Pacifica, but we do know a few things! [click to continue…]