3 Future Jeep Vehicles to Look Out For

Future Jeeps in Miami FL

Jeep is always coming up with new ideas and creating exciting new models. This month alone, it introduced seven new concept vehicles to preview at the Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah. One is a long-awaited pickup trucks that fans have been hoping for, and another has a tent positioned on the roof.
Jeep’s production lineup for the next couple of years is also impressive, and there are a few models that fans can’t wait to get a chance to test drive and buy. Here are three future Jeep vehicles we can’t wait to see at Miami Jeep dealerships in the coming years:

2015 Jeep Renegade

If the Jeep Wrangler and the Mini Cooper had a baby, it would look like the Jeep Renegade. The compact crossover has a wheelbase only an inch longer than the BMW i3, making it 166 inches long and 72 inches wide. It is squat with a distinctive look, but it has plenty of legroom inside and is unapologetically Jeep. It is fun, sporty and has just enough power to start getting your feet muddy with some light trail work.

One of the most distinctive features of the styling for the 2015 Jeep Renegade is its two removable roof panels. You use a hex key to open them, remove them and then stow them in the back. With both panels removed, the Renegade will feel almost like a Wrangler from inside. The removable opportunities create the perfect opportunity for breezy rides on sunny days.

The 2015 Jeep Renegade will come with one of two engines: a 1.4-liter MultiAir Turbo engine with 160 horsepower, or a 2.4-liter Tigershark engine with 184 horsepower. The MultiAir Turbo engine will come in a 4×2 or 4×4 version and will have a six-speed manual transmission. The Tigershark engine will only come on the Renegade Limited edition, which has an automatic transmission and comes in either 4×2 or 4×4 versions.

The body of the new Renegade is about 70 percent steel but also has some aluminum parts, which will bring down the weight of the vehicle to improve both handling and fuel efficiency. 

The Renegade comes with Jeep’s Selec-Terrain system to help you better navigate snow, sand, mud and rocks. However, it doesn’t have quite the power needed for extreme terrains and steep climbs. Therefore, you won’t be able to handle popular Jeep terrains such as Moab, but you can have fun as a beginner to off-roading while also enjoying a stylish and dependable daily driving vehicle.

Plenty of upgrades and options are available, and the Renegade comes with dozens of fun Easter eggs that Jeep fans will love uncovering. The MSRP for the 2015 Renegade starts at $17,995, making it an affordable family car.

2017 Jeep Wrangler

The next generation of the Jeep Wrangler is one of the most anticipated vehicles in the Jeep lineup — besides a potential pickup to be based on the new Wrangler’s platform. 

Very little has been confirmed about the 2017 Jeep Wrangler, but that hasn’t dampened the excitement for its release. A lot of rumors have been circulating, and some of them seem credible enough to give us reason to hope.

What we do know is that the new Wrangler will be built with aluminum parts on a hybrid or diesel drive train. That means the new Wrangler will have improved fuel efficiency and will be more eco-friendly. This is a huge selling point for those who love the Jeep brand but feel guilty about its gas-guzzling ways. However, a hybrid power train could limit the Wrangler’s abilities on long trails, where it is unlikely to find a charging station and where carrying around a huge battery isn’t practical.
In addition to improving fuel efficiency, Jeep executives have said their priorities for the new Wrangler are to preserve the look for which it is known as well as the off-roading capabilities that Jeep fans love. Industry insiders say that new Wrangler is likely to keep solid axles instead of choosing an independent suspension, that it may get OEM tires, and that it may get an eight-speed automatic transmission. 

One of the biggest unknowns about the new Wrangler is where it will be built. Though the Wrangler has always been built at the Toledo, Ohio, plant, that facility does not have the capability to meet projected demands, nor is it able to manufacture aluminum if the new Jeep uses it.

2018 Grand Wagoneer

The Jeep Grand Wagoneer has an old-school design that looks like a 1970s station wagon mated with a Jeep. It has a long body and wood side panels, giving it plenty of passenger and cargo space but not a whole lot of style. It’s hard to believe looking at it now, but the Wagoneer was designed as a luxury vehicle, and it is expected to stay true to its roots with its new model.

We’re excited about the prospect of a 2018 Grand Wagoneer primarily to see how they will redesign this classic to fit in with a modern sensibility. The new version of the Wagoneer is expected to replace the Patriot and the Compass while sitting in a class above the Renegade (if not for size alone). Industry insiders say the new Wagoneer will also share parts with the Maserati Levante.

Not much else is known about the 2018 Grand Wagoneer, including what kind of engine it might have or the price range it might have. We’re hoping that some more information will be released later this early or early next year as Jeep works out the details on some of its other upcoming models.

It’s an exciting time to shop Miami Jeep dealerships. Not only has Jeep been releasing quality, stylish vehicles that have been breaking sales records for the brand, but it is planning to introduce some new vehicles that have us truly excited. Visiting a Miami Jeep dealership can give you more insight on these vehicles as they become available and give you the chance to test drive some current models.