4 Vehicle Categories Dodge is Looking to Conquer


In the wake of Fiat Chrysler’s master plan to dominate the world’s car market, Dodge was left in the limelight. The brand has lain dormant for years now, waiting for its opportunity to take back the American performance market.

So if you’re ready to trade in your old used Dodge Durango, the company has plenty of options waiting for you. Here are the categories Dodge will conquer over the next five years.

Best Performance Compact

The new Dodge Dart SRT is calling out Suburu and Mitsubishi in the performance compact market. The WRX STI and Lancer Evolution have long been the standouts–and only choice really–for performance compact buyers in North America.

But with competition comes innovation, and Dodge will push out an all-wheel drive, turbocharged Dart that will make many buyers Dodge loyalists for life.

Best American Muscle

With the 2015 Challenger, Dodge looks to enhance its retro-proud American muscle car with a few modern touches, while increasing overall power and performance.

Unlike the ever-evolving alternative American sports cars on the market, the Challenger’s classic chassis will help it conquer the next generation of muscle cars.

Best Performance Sedan

Sporting a stylish, less-menacing exterior, the 2015 Dodge Charger is becoming a great option for the power-seeking sedan buyer. And with a potential supercharged Hellcat Hemi variant on the way, the Dodge Charger could become the most powerful sedan in the country.

Best Full-Size SUV

With the death of the Dodge Grand Caravan, the brand is positioning the new Dodge Durango to be a powerful choice for family-conscious buyers. Featuring a roaring Hemi in the R/T variant, and a four-star safety rating, everyone in the family can get what they want.

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