A Ram truck for “the traveler” and “the animal lover”

April 2nd, 2014 by

Although some people might think that a truck can be pretty limited, here at Kendall Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram, we firmly believe that there is a Ram truck than accommodate everyones lifestyle. “Guts. Glory. Ram.” is a motto that doesn’t simply apply to drivers who need to get that rugged work done, it applies to everyone. From the parent, to the pet owner, and even the traveler, Ram has an offering that helps take a load off of all these different lifestyles. Whether it be the Dodge Ram 1500, or maybe a 2500 Laramie, the perfect truck is waiting for you!


If you are putting miles on your truck to get the job done or get out for a weekend road trip, it can add up quick. Many people might perceive the truck as a gas guzzling vehicle, but it is not always the case, especially with Ram. The 28 miles per gallon EcoDiesel is the perfect fit for a work truck that is always on the move, while the amazing Ram 2500 Laramie brings the ultra-amount of comfort to the table, whether it be a short drive or a coast-to-coast haul. Worried about packing, or over-packing for that matter? Never fear, as the built-in RamBox is here to give you the room and protection you need to make sure you can fit everything you want for your trip.


We know there are a lot of animal lovers out there, and that it is only fair to make sure their furry friends have just as nice of a ride as themselves. The bucker seats, paired with the rear sliding window, are among the many great details that make the Ram cab the perfect spot for man’s best friend. Whether it be getting work done on the farm, or heading out for a joy ride, your canine buddy will be a-ok. Now… we know some of you have slightly bigger four-legged friends. The towing capacity of Ram Trucks is all the assurance you’ll need when towing cargo that is as precious as your horses, so you can trust that you will all make it to your destination safe and sound.


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