Automakers Strengthen Help For Workers, Electric Rides

November 7th, 2023 by

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Among the agreements to place the future into the present regarding electric vehicles (EVs), the United Auto Workers (UAW) agreements with the largest automakers included provisions to ensure their jobs are safe, but also to ensure the growth of EVs. What exactly was agreed to by this workers after six-weeks of strikes? Plenty of good news for them as well as consumers hoping to make the switch before long into electrified technology.

In-Depth Look Into the Agreement Perks

Looking into the tentative agreements reached with Stellantis as well as General Motors and Ford, the new plan in place would bolster support for E?: and those workers who build engines and transmissions. Details explain those employed will still earn top union wages making EV batteries and components in the future. Also included was more money to be infused to reach these goals. This move includes a whopping multi-billion dollar expansion from all three carmakers to craft future EVs in existing U.S. factories. This is a prime move that will help shape the future of the industry and give enhanced job security for thousands of union auto workers globally. 

What Comes Next For EVs

Automakers are this close from offering a host of new EVs, for brands like Dodge, that will include the first-ever electrified and groundbreaking Dodge entry. Keep in mind, this means the present generation of Dodge vehicles found in the current Dodge Charger and Dodge Challenger muscle cars are set to become instant rarities. The exit from the past to the future and into soon to be present will happen next year. Dodge isn’t the only one enjoying these perks as Jeep and Ram, part of the Stellantis tree, and even Chrysler will gain more EV trims.

Stellantis Is On An Electric Roll 

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