Chrysler Brings Holiday Cheer For the Whole Family

November 24th, 2023 by

Pacifica Int Kendall Dodge
Curious to find a vehicle that is modern and spacious? Few rides have been more adorn than the newest Chrysler Pacifica. Let us take a look at where the Chrysler Pacifica is today and how things were different decades ago and what Chrysler will add to its lineup to gain more customers in the coming years. We are most looking forward to the 2025 Chrysler EV that will launch the EV capabilities of the brand going forward in this decade and beyond. We’ve seen the impressive changes and the EV sales reflect the perks of the moving in the right direction. Offering customers EV capabilities is the future and present of the brand, but for now, let’s remind our readers why the Pacifica is so impressive.

Chrysler Has Always Stood Its Ground

Today, we bask in the current climate of Chrysler minivans like the Pacifica and its Pacifica Hybrid spin-off that has remained a top draw for all of Chrysler and Stellantis. The fundamentals that were greatly etched in stone by former CEO Lee Iacocca are still transforming the brand today. When the trends greatly changed how vehicles were being made, Iacocca was adamant about saying Chrysler was a pioneer in the automotive industry; not a copycat brand like Saturn (for example). Over 37 years ago, Chrysler was busy working on the Chrysler Liberty vehicle. The project was abandoned and the Chrysler brand would eventually become part of the same family as the Jeep brand and a Jeep Liberty SUV was made. However, the Liberty concept was never finished for Chrysler and one suspects we might see a resurrection of the Chrysler brand with new vehicles that supply the same elegance that made Chrysler vehicles so popular once upon a time. (After all, Chrysler can only win so many awards for its Pacifica minivan.)

Domination of Another Segment?

We can tell the Chrysler brand has made changes to gain ground on the competitive nature of vehicles and EVs being produced, but we know the brand wants more than its strong hold of the minivan segment. The best part about having the minivan market in their pocket, Chrysler can now focus on other vehicles as the 2024 Chrysler Pacifica is far and away the most sought after minivan for customers the world over. With school rapidly approaching, parents can safeguard their children with one of the most awarded vehicles that is covered by so many parents and families alike. Now, will Chrysler look to continue to produce amazing vehicles like this for other segments with new leadership at the helm? Yes! To get started on making this holiday season a special one to always recall with a new or pre-owned Chrysler, we’re here to make that dream a reality!

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