Chrysler Might Have EVs Sooner Than Later

October 22nd, 2021 by

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Chrysler, a brand now owned by Stellantis, has put together plans for adding their own battery production on United States soil. This move is currently being done across the automotive industry as the rapid push towards electrified vehicles has transformed everything. Cars, SUVs, pickups, and even minivans are receiving the perks of EVs and PHEVs. Stellantis has agreed to work in a partnership with LG Energy Solutions to make this goal happen. The batteries they will create are going to reach the capacity of 40 gigawatt-hours. They have announced by 2024 the production plant should be ready and producing a fleet of new EV batteries. Might we even see the Chrysler 300 with an EV trim?

Some Brands Fall Behind 

The capacity of the production plant will see around 400,000 to as much as 600,000 produced batteries a year. The weight and size of each battery will be based on the configuration of the vehicle they will be for. Rival brand Ford said their goal of having batteries built on U.S. soil will debut as much as over a year later in 2025. Toyota and Volkswagen, top rival brands, have said they plan to stretch out their total scaling of their spending all the way to as late as 2030 to produce the batteries on their own power. 

CEO Speaks On Behalf of Chrysler

The CEO of Stellantis has found the Chrysler brand as one to keep track of. His comments earlier this year revealed his idea of where the Chrysler brand could end up in the near future as they plan a rollout of new vehicles across various segments, both EVs and traditional gasoline vehicles. After visiting a production plant in Michigan, these are the remarks he added about where the brand stands and can develop into. Low emissions are a major upgrade perk the brand is aiming towards, but knowing the people that work in the production plant is important. Ensuring their work is rewarded and impactful was important to those at the top as they move ahead. 

“I’m very keen in supporting the fact that Chrysler brand will rebound. It has been a historical brand for our new Stellantis group. Therefore it is an opportunity for us to make the brand rebound. It was extremely thrilling to see the passion of our people. It was thrilling to see how engaged they are, how committed they are. It was a very, very warm feeling to see that people are really supporting the company and making the best they can to make the company successful,” said CEO Carlos Tavares. 

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