Chrysler’s Potential Strategy Shift

June 21st, 2018 by
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Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has been planning the future for many of their brands. With Jeep sales skyrocketing, Dodge sales steady and new continuous updates, the Chrysler brand is one that has its future models currently on hold and under the microscope. Will they move towards the future of driving with autonomous vehicles?

Chrysler and Self-Driving Vehicles

As it so happens, Waymo, a company that creates autonomous vehicles using radar and high-tech sensors, recently made a very large purchase of 62,000 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid units to transform into self-driving minivans. What defines Chrysler is their innovation over the years, and the brand has overcome some low points, but currently Chrysler is rethinking what direction to take their vehicles. Operations for the latest decisions haven’t been announced aside from the recent purchase by Waymo.

FCA’s new five-year plan was announced last week as they named large plans for Jeep, Ram and a move into the autonomous path with Waymo and the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid models. However, the former CEO of FCA, Sergio Marchionne, reached out to Autocar to inform them where Chrysler is placing their focus for the next five years.

“The minivan business space will be filled by Chrysler, filling the mobility solution in the U.S. market,” Marchionne said to Autocar.

Some of these new ideas might include Chrysler discontinuing the Chrysler 300, just as production on the Chrysler 200 series ended last year after seven years. Currently, only two models are currently produced by Chrysler (2018), but perhaps more will be developed soon. There’s no word yet on what those might be.

The Chrysler 300 has only had two generations through 2018, last changing in 2011, after debuting in 2004. The Chrysler 300 saw tremendous sales in the United States with over 112,900 sales the year the vehicle debuted and over 140,000 the following two years. However, sales have slowed down as the average has only been 53,000 vehicles sold each year since 2013. Maybe Chrysler will introduce a new large vehicle, an SUV model or a brand new crossover, but we can’t be certain as to the name or exact style.

What’s Next For Chrysler?

The full-size sedan market has been slow to move vehicles as crossovers and small SUVs have changed the landscape in the past few years. With rival brands like Volkswagen creating vehicles that are built for services like Uber and Lyft, there’s a market Chrysler can tap into with that industry. They’re already contributing to the future of autonomous vehicles, so this move seems possible.

Chrysler actually debuted an autonomous minivan concept, the Chrysler Portal, just last year at CES 2017. Hailed as a minivan “designed by millennials for millennials”. However this vehicle has not yet begun production this year. The earliest this vehicle is expected to begin is before the end of the decade. There’s a chance that Chrysler continues to lead the way of innovation, as it always has for nearly 100 years in the auto industry. Find out about the latest vehicles made by Chrysler all at one place.

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