Deciding On When To Purchase A New Vehicle?

September 28th, 2023 by

Wrangler Tree Kendall Dodge

Many shoppers feel like towards the end of the year is when they should buy a new ride for their business or family or their own upgrade seems fair. That’s definitely when we see the highest amount of vehicles being moved into our inventory from the pre-owned variety. However, there’s more traffic to navigate, but the secret is we’re stocked for the new 2024 model year arrives. This means we have a greater selection and more choices to accommodate a greater number of drivers right now more so many any other point. So for those that want to explore, please check out our expansive pre-owned collection.

What Drives the Purchase?

For families that want to drive a complete vehicle that can hold the entire family, the award-winning and widely sought after Chrysler Pacifica is a charmer. For our customers that want to drive something with space, but more speed and power can find their hopes with a three-row Dodge Durango. Perhaps, a vehicle that has the flexibility to excite, but also serves as the main vehicle of a household is the right call? Let us recommend some other options we have ready to go.

Experience A Different Way To Drive

No shopper should go their whole driving history without enjoying some days on the roads less traveled and the Jeep Wrangler is the pinnacle of exploring off-road. The newest Jeep Gladiator is still racking up attention and offers many of the same perks, with the added bonus of a truck bed. We’re happy to show off our entire line-up of the newest Jeep vehicles. If a customer wants to experience top-flight engineering and massively strong vehicles, seek out our newest Dodge muscle cars that have only become more powerful with each passing update. Look no further than the Dodge Challenger lineup to know what we offer. The Dodge Challenger SRT collection is among the fastest production vehicles yet made by Dodge. Hurry to get them while this current generation still exists! We have them still for a short while.

Of course, what car buying experience would be complete before checking into a new and powerful Ram 1500 pickup, the vehicle that stays with owners the longest compared to any other full-size pickup on the market. Come test out the current line-up of our fan-favorite pickups.

New Is the Way, Always! 

As we near 2024, our focus turns to all the discoveries awaiting us as we are now in the mid-point of this decade. We’d also like to remind our new car shoppers that they are getting a chance to on the 2023 collection with plenty of time before every 2024 model year ride arrives, however many have started to arrive over the last quarter. Check with our staff about financing options and allow our financial department to package together either a buying or leasing plan that is suitable. The latest innovation and technology can be found in the new vehicles across all the brands we represent here at Kendall Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram.

Talk To Us Directly In Kendall!

Our friendly staff is here to help you with any buying, selling or trade-in vehicle you currently have. Our knowledgeable staff is highly trained and wants to ensure your experience is wonderful. Even if you haven’t shopped with us, we can help you maintain and raise the value of your current vehicle with a simple online appointment we’ll take care of your vehicle in timely fashion.