Dodge Dealer – Fl – A brief history of Dodge

One of the cornerstones of American history is the tried and true American family business. As a matter of fact, America was built on family enterprise.

During the turn of the century, there were many entrepreneurs that took ideas and new ways of doing things and created a great country.

That is part of the Dodge story. In most showrooms of your local Dodge dealership, you will find the history of Dodge still in the air.

Meet the Dodge brothers. John Dodge and Horace Dodge. Sharp guys to be sure. The brothers worked together around the turn of the twentieth century. Big surprise but they worked in the newly formed auto industry.

They started in a small machine shop in Detroit, Michigan. Geographically, there were in the right place at the right time. Detroit was “motherland” for the auto industry.

The brothers worked alongside some important names in the automobile industry like Ransom Olds and Henry Ford. You can rest assured that they learned quite while in Detroit.

Soon, they realized that they have a better way of doing things. They could be their own company and create the vehicles they felt should be created. Vehicles they felt the other companies couldn’t create.

Early in 1903, John and Horace began investing in the Ford prototype Model A automobile, a car that was produced almost entirely in their own shop. This generated quite a bit of revenue that they could reinvest in their own company.

Soon, the brothers were ready to design and manufacture their first automobile. It was a vast improvement on anything that was already in existence. The Dodge Brothers auto had a self-starter that barely relied on cranking. Interestingly, it made the car easier for women to drive.

For the first time, women could be seen as serious drivers of an automobile. It also had a hand-controlled fuel pump that made it possible for the Dodge car to climb a steep hill without forcing the driver to put his car into reverse gear and to ascend the hill backwards.

Yeah….that was a “thing” in the early days of automobiles. 

By the end of 1914, John and Horace geared up for a major production of Dodge cars in 1915, introducing a two-passenger roadster with rear luggage compartment, and a first closed car-a center-door sedan.

When America needed automobiles for World War I they turned to Dodge. Dodge cars and trucks were used extensively by the American forces during World War I.

The spirit of John and Horace Dodge has remained sealed in the entire Dodge company philosophy. They have stayed true to the pioneering spirit of the brothers for well over a hundred years.


When you talk about famous Dodges many come to mind. Not just famous models but also famous big screen Dodge’s have to be mentioned. As far as that goes….we have to make a reference to Steve McQueen. Because….well….Steve McQueen is just so, so, so, cool.


Bullitt Charger
BULLITT – 1968

In 1968, a little movie called “Bullitt” featured 1968 Dodge Charger R/T hugging up and down the streets of San Fransisco. What makes this a such a great movie is…..the Charger. It really is awesome in this movie. I mean, there’s no dialogue or no music for at least 10 full minutes! Nothing! Just the sound of the growling Dodge Charger’s engine.

It’s the kind of scene in a movie where you really want to be behind the wheel of this supercharged vehicle. Driving through back roads and highways. Eventually, (spoiler alert!) the Dodge Charger runs off the road. It also crashes into a gas station. That isn’t good for car or driver. But, whenever a hero goes out in a blaze of glory….that makes a good movie especially when it —is exploding in a flaming ball. Grrr Grrr and Vroom Vroom.


The Blues Brothers – 1980

Switching gears (pun intended) let’s take a look at another iconic Dodge. The 1974 Dodge Monaco featured in the movie The Blues Brothers. Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi. It’s hard not to quote this movie. So, here goes: “They’re not going to catch us. We’re on a mission from God”. Visit a Dodge dealer in Miami and ask about the Bluesmobile. You’ll surely get a few stories.

The Bluesmobile was a former police car and it seemed to have superhuman abilities. No matter what building this car drove through it stayed intact and always outran the state troopers. A surprising Dodge model to be so ironically remembered and loved!



1978 Dodge Sportsman Van
Dodge Sportsman Van – Cannonball Run – 1978

Finally, let’s really stretch this list a bit and highlight the 1978 Dodge Sportsman Van in the movie “Cannonball Run”. It’s an ambulance! An AMBULANCE!!!! Yeah, an ambulance featured prominently in a movie about cars and car racing.

There is a little more history with this Dodge than meets the eye. Many people may not realize that “Cannonball Run” was based on a real event. Loosely….but still. The van featured in the 1980 movie is the actual van that Brock Yates drove in the real Cannonball Run. Let’s give it extra points for that.

The list can go on and on. Something about Dodge’s has Hollywood jumping. Visit any Dodge dealer and reminisce with the dealership about some of the other models we may have missed in this list.


What is it about the Dodge Caravan that has everyone in such a tizzy?

Sure, it is the perfect vehicle for a large family with plenty of room to everyone to fit comfortably.

Also, Grand Caravan’s more powerful engine feels perfectly brilliant in a minivan. It actually makes the minivan feel “peppy”. You can cruise with a 283-horsepower, 3.6-liter V-6 right to the grocery store or middle school.

Dodge Grand Caravan

The “tizzy” comes from the latest “Hot Wheels” report. The report is a list of the most sought after vehicles… far as thefts are concerned. The 2002 Dodge Caravan was the most stolen vehicle in D.C. and Maryland last year, according to a report by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB).

A minivan. Go figure!

It’s actually something that Dodge dealers in Miami and around the country have known for years. Here is the reason. Parts!

Thieves can chop the Caravan and resell the parts. What is interesting is that the parts are in high demand. Here is why, parts on a 13 year old car fit on a 7 year old car, and a 7 year old car part fits on a 13 year old car.

Most popular car means, most parts needed for repairs.

Plus, being so popular…the vehicle can blend in easier than say a high-end luxury vehicle.

Own a Dodge Caravan? Don’t fret. You may have a popular vehicle for thieves to be interested in but take all the precautions you would with any vehicle. Always lock your doors. Never leave your keys nearby. Basic theft prevention is key.

You can always talk to your Dodge dealership and ask about other ways to keep your Caravan safe from thieves.
The biggest and most obvious thing is to make it difficult for thieves to be interested in running off with your ride.