Why the Dodge Durango is an Excellent Family Ride

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When you think of SUVs, you don’t necessarily think “family vehicle.” That type of designation is often reserved for minivans or similar vehicles. However, there’s no reason why a capable SUV couldn’t be considered a family vehicle, and that’s certainly the case with the upcoming Dodge Durango.

The vehicle is comfortable, it provides plenty of entertainment and distractions for the kids, and it’s extremely safe. If you’re seeking a family ride, you’re not going to find this assortment of amenities elsewhere.

If you been considering shopping for a Dodge Durango in Miami, see why you may want to make it your next family vehicle…

It’s Roomy and Comfortable


Extra space is an essential feature when families are searching for a new vehicle. It can be tough to comfortably fit multiple children into a car, and then you have to somehow find a way to pack all of their cargo (whether it be schoolbags or sports equipment). With the Durango, you won’t have that issue.

The SUV has plenty of room for passengers, as the three rows mean you can fit at least (we’re assuming) eight occupants, including the driver. The inclusion of a longer unibody architecture (similar to the one featured in the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Mercedes GL-Class and M-Class) assures that each row of passengers will be comfortable. The vehicle stands at 70.9 inches high, with a 201.2-inch length and 75.8-inch width. This results in 39.9 inches of front head room and 40.3-inches of front leg room. Out back, you’ll get 39.8 inches of head room and 38.6 inches of leg room.

To put it over the top, the seats are extremely comfortable. Featuring plush cloth seats (or available Nappa leather-trimmed seats), each of your young passengers can easily pass out while riding in the Durango. Meanwhile, the driver and front passenger can appreciate the available heated and ventilated eight-way power seats with power lumbar support. This makes for one of the coziest and versatile interiors in the entire class!

There’s Technology to Entertain


Engineers always had a good intent when they included video screens in their vehicles, but it rarely worked. The bulky box hanging from the roof wasn’t aesthetically pleasing, and it also led to poor sight lines for the driver. Additionally, there was no way to personalize the experience, so the front passengers had to deal with the sound effects of whatever the rear passengers were watching. While many parents often use videos to avoid the headaches, these DVD units just increased the need for ibuprofen.

In the Durango, the dual-screen Blu-ray/DVD system doesn’t just provide a dynamic visual experience, but the two nine-inch screens mean you’ll never have to hear your kids argue over a movie. Plus, with the included wireless headphones, the kids can watch whatever they want… and the parents can have some peace and quiet. These screens are compatible with any HDMI media, including game consoles. It’s unbelievable, but your child can now take their favorite gaming system on the road with them (which they’ll have to connect to the standard 115-volt power outlet). When the passengers are done with their screens, they can fold them back into the chair.

If your kids aren’t feeling television, you can all enjoy SiriusXM satellite radio, which provides hundreds of channels of various genres. With the included Tune Start technology, you’ll also never miss your favorite song. The system will alert you when a preferred artist is playing, and if you tune in during the middle of a song, Tune Start will restart it for you! The stereo is accompanied by the available Premium Sound System, featuring a BeatsAudio subwoofer and a 12-channel, 506-watt amplifier. If music isn’t an option, your child can explore the internet with the WiFi hotspot, meaning they can enjoy their favorite websites and apps while on the road!

Meanwhile, there’s plenty for mom and dad to enjoy, too. The Uconnect System provides real-time updates on sports and weather, and you can even use the touchscreen to make dinner reservations and purchase movie tickets!

It’s Safe


When you have a family, safety is of utmost importance. The various safety features included in the Durango will assure you that you and your passengers will stay protected in case of an emergency. With over 60 available safety and security features, there actually may not be a safer SUV on the market!

Ignoring all the technology for a moment, the vehicle’s design plays a large role in the overall safety. There are seven advanced multistage driver and front passenger airbags, accompanied by full-length side curtain airbags, front seat-mounted side airbags, and drive-side knee blocker airbags. Furthermore, the head restraints will reduce head and spinal injuries to the front passengers by moving during a rear-end collision, thus decreasing the space between your head and the headrest.

The vehicle was built of high-strength steel, making for an exceptionally solid SUV. The “substantial roof strength and safety cage construction” further help protect the passengers, as does the included crumple zones. These designated areas (found in the front and rear of the vehicle) will help absorb the energy from an impact, deflecting it away from the passengers.

The advanced braking system also plays a big role in keeping the driver and passengers safe. It starts with the four-wheel antilock brake system, which keeps tabs on each individual wheel’s speed. When one wheel loses traction or gains too much speed, the system automatically knows enough to adjust.

The Rain Brake Support will remove any water from the pads, eliminating the danger of having wet brakes. The system operates by applying pressure to the caliper, and it’s all engaged when the windshield wipers have been activated.

The available Brake Assist mode will sense a potential accident and apply the necessary amount of brakes, taking away some of the responsibility from the driver. The Ready-Alert Braking prepares these brakes for a sudden and abrupt stop, and the Electronic Brake Force Distribution monitors the braking pressure from front-to-rear, helping to “optimize stopping distances under all vehicle-loading conditions.”

You’d probably be comfortable with just the previously-mentioned features, but the Durango offers so much more.

The Adaptive Cruise Control uses a radar sensor to determine the distance of the nearest vehicle. When a slower vehicle has been detected, the vehicle will automatically adjust the cruising speed to prevent an accident. If necessary, it can be slowed down to a complete stop. The ParkSense Rear Park Assist System is a necessity, especially if you’ve never driven a large vehicle. The accompanying Back Up Camera will alert you of any object that may be hiding behind your Durango, whether it’s a curb or another car. Other technological safety features include Forward Collision Warning with Crash Mitigation (anticipates a potential accident by alerting driver and applying brakes) Blind Spot Monitoring (alerts you of any driver who may have crept up beside you), Electronic Stability Control (keeps your vehicle on the intended path, no matter how windy it may be), and rain-sensing wipers (which will activate when they sense moisture on the windshield).

The best safety feature may be the UConnect Emergency and Roadside Assistance package. By pressing the ‘ASSIST’ button, you’ll summon a roadside assistant provider to help get you back on the road. In case of a more serious issue, the ‘9-1-1’ button will connect you with the police, fire department, or emergency medical personnel.

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