3 Reasons to Buy a Dodge Journey Crossroad

August 22nd, 2014 by

Dodge Journey Crossroad

The Dodge Journey is one of the countless crossovers on the road today. It’s a budget crossover that starts under $20,000, but can be built up to match features of $40,000 luxury SUVs. The special edition Crossroad version of the Dodge Journey is essentially the crossover for the person or family that wants everything for a low price.

It’s Literally Feature-Packed

The term “feature-packed” is thrown around quite often in the automotive industry. Because of this, it’s lost a lot of weight in the minds of consumers. In the case of the Dodge Journey Crossroad, however, it’s true. No, seriously:

  • Upgraded V6 Engine
  • All-Wheel Drive
  • Navigation
  • Heated Seats and Steering Wheel
  • Large 8.4-inch UConnect touchscreen display
  • Cargo room of 67.6 cubic feet
  • Up to seven passenger seating

The Styling is Perfect

Like any entry-level car, the base Dodge Journey is your typical crossover. But for the price many others are charging for their entry-level crossovers, the Crossroad immensely improves the overall styling. With platinum and chrome accents on the front, back and side of the car, people are sure to take notice.

Great Deals from Dodge

With Labor Day sales and end-of-summer combined deals, you can get thousands off a new 2014 Dodge Journey Crossroad or a great bargain on lease terms. At a low $259 a month, the Crossroad is one of the most affordable full-featured AWD SUVs.

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