Dodge Muscle Cars Pull Ahead of Rival Brands

October 16th, 2020 by

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This year has not gone well for nearly every industry due to the COVID-19 outbreak, but the auto industry is seeing positive signs in the recovery. The third-quarter results for 2020 were recently released and there is some good news for the Dodge brand. Among the muscle car and sports car segment, no company sold more than the Dodge brand. Even rival brands Ford with its Mustang and Chevrolet with its Corvette, they didn’t move as many vehicles as Dodge has. The sales reflect the growth of the Dodge brand, thanks to its innovation, impressive engineering, and highly-attractive styling.  

Dodge Earns More Business Ahead of Other Brands 

Speaking of dominating the competition, just how impressive was Dodge over the competition in the third quarter of 2020? The results show the Dodge Charger and Dodge Challenger ranked first among customers with the Dodge Charger selling 23,547 vehicles with exactly 16,332 new Dodge Challenger vehicles sold. The Ford Mustang by comparison only moved 13,851 Mustang vehicles, which is 18 percent down from the same quarter in 2019. For reference, the Dodge Charger was only down 10 percent when compared to last year. Chevrolet fared even worse with the Corvette only selling 6,355 vehicles in the third quarter of 2020. 

New Options Coming For Customers

Dodge is focused on building up its brand and creating new exciting options for customers (like EVs!) and making new options for customers to embrace. The work Dodge has done despite the Coronavirus shows a company aimed at success while keeping customers safety a top priority. A major goal is to drive Dodge forward from the other manufacturers that are simply trying to create customer interest by making questionable, gimmicky choices like making a mid-engine sports car (Corvette) or trying too hard to mask production problems (Ford and Chevrolet). Dodge moved away in 2019 from monthly results to focus on revealing its success at only a quarter at a time. The effort seems to speak volumes. 

“We only publish total (quarterly) numbers. But if you look inside the numbers at true retail sales to real customers and not to rental car agencies, Charger and Challenger had the best September they’ve ever had in the history of the cars,” added Tim Kuniskis, head of FCA passenger cars

Perks of New Dodge Vehicles

When the 2021 model year arrives, the Dodge brand will celebrate some new options for customers. The SRT Hellcat nameplate is about to extend to the 2021 Dodge Durango for the first time. The Dodge brand has also seen new retail sales marks never before reached for the Hellcat trim. These are the perks that Dodge has built and made for customers to appreciate. The hard work has not gone unnoticed as from the top executives down to the dealerships, Dodge knows the vehicles they have in stock have helped new customers want to buy them. The excitement of driving a Charger or Challenger is still alive and well in 2020. 

“(The third-quarter of 2020) was also the best Hellcat month in like three years, and the best Scat Pack month in the history of the nameplate. The cars are working, and it’s working because customers are gravitating to the spirit of the brand and the attitude of the brand,” said Kuniskis.

So, Why Opt For Dodge Muscle?

Dodge has built customer loyalty thanks to its product and the recognition the brand has received only further cements the abilities of the company. Dodge earned another distinction recently when J.D. Power gave the Dodge brand a new prize after the results of the Initial Quality Study. The Dodge brand earned the top spot among all 31 brands competing. The results speak for themselves as customers have overwhelmingly supported the Dodge brand with sales as well as an unwavering loyalty to the muscle cars Dodge has put forth for decades.

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