Dodge Suggests As Much As 535 Horsepower For EV

August 24th, 2023 by

Stellantis Kendall Dodge
More than being an electric ride that allows for less pollutants than a gasoline engine, Dodge will build powerful EVs. Everyone wants to drive a safer vehicle that is better for the atmosphere and those around us. Looking ahead to what we know regarding the Dodge brand, and where they will take their next generation, only the names have been revealed with some basic facts about what to expect regarding the power of the vehicles. Of course as speculation turns into facts, that’s a further reminder that right now is the
time to buy Dodge

What Will the Dodge EV Cars Have Instore?

The speculation remains that the Dodge  Charger 340 and Charger 440. In its very base form, the Charger EV will be set around 455 horsepower. Dodge is building “eStage kits,” owners will be able to buy more horsepower over the air, download the software, and upgrade their very own vehicle directly through Dodge. Owners will of course receive a “Dodge Charger Crystal Key” and fender badges after ordering, with the former being used to authenticate the upgrade and unlock the power. With this setup, the base Charger 340 can be upgraded to amount to as much as 495 or 535 horsepower. Fantastic results for the original entry of Dodge into EV territory.

While we have witnessed the special plans Dodge has made to push forward electrified technology in their muscle cars and we are sure there will be even further examples of the superiority of Dodge engineering. We can’t wait for 2024 to arrive so we can see exactly what is in store. 

More Horsepower On the Way

With that said, who wouldn’t want to drive a universally friendly ride with that much strength? That’s exactly what Dodge is hoping to see as production begins on this new generation of Dodge engineering. Technology is rapidly expanding and we are thrilled to offer the current generation of Dodge muscle cars like the 2023 Dodge Challenger and 2023 Dodge Charger. The future is quickly approaching and our goal is to remain as prepared as we are today at providing our customers with the newest Dodge vehicles. Talk to us today for more info.

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