Electric Dodge Muscle Car Set For 2024 Debut

July 9th, 2021 by

Dodge Kendall Dodge EV

Photo credit: Dodge

Alas, we have finally received the first teaser that we have been waiting for. The Dodge brand has introduced this week a new image of the future Dodge EV yet to be specified. This EV will be the world’s first all-electric production muscle car. Dodge released a new teaser image of what buyers will clamor for till its release and long after. Right now, the 2021 Dodge Challenger is the most recent Dodge muscle car, but not for long as we know over the summertime the next model year, the 2022 Dodge Challenger will come out and arrive at dealerships. 

The EV We Have Been Waiting For

The image that shows the grill area doesn’t show much else unfortunately, but we know the main focus has now shifted to what this new EV product will offer. Keep in mind, the Dodge brand’s newest creation comes out in 2024, so we have time to wait. We can anticipate the next generation of Dodge muscle cars, both the Charger and the Challenger to not only ride on a new platform and offer a totally new adventure both inside and out, to start in less than three short years. As we’ve covered, the future of the Dodge brand, as well as the automotive industry as a whole, was a cavalier move we considered to be important to the muscle car segment. Now, the first step of progress has finally been revealed.

How Dodge Will Look To Limit Climate Change

Cleaner vehicles, such as EVs and hybrids, are no longer the way of the future for Dodge, they are the current focus for the automotive industry entirely. Dodge will trim the competition supplying the world’s first electric muscle car, a celebrated spectacle to drivers and dealerships alike. Dodge will extend up the electrified trim to be identified later as Stellantis, the parent company of Dodge, has announced a tagline to go with the muscle car brand. “Tear Up the Streets, Not the Planet”. This tagline for the electric Dodge car will initiate the means of moving away from gasoline-powered muscle cars to these planned electric vehicles. The Dodge brand contributed a comment that included “Dodge will not sell electric cars, but will sell American muscle” as the brand prepares their designers have achieved the limit of what they can offer from internal combustion machines. The Dodge brand “has an obligation to embrace” electrification for a high-performance future in this decade and beyond. There are some stories that the first-ever electric muscle car produced by Dodge (or anywhere else) will be assigned as something completely new. 

More To Keep In Mind

We have our outlook the Dodge brand will develop its EV skills to both the Charger and the Challenger and even build a new EV nameplate, either through improving an older title or constructing a new one. The next decision will be up to the buyers to determine how much they desire to support a Dodge EV. We’ve concentrated on this story, as the Dodge EV articles from our database reveals, but we are delighted to see the newest results. Curious to know more about the direction of the Dodge brand?

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