FCA Sees Solid Growth With Three Quarter Results

October 2nd, 2020 by

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Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has just announced the details of the third quarter for 2020. FCA saw its biggest brands expand in size and scope including the Ram and Jeep brand. The results show Jeep has risen its sales by 37 percent up to 22,163 vehicles moved. The Ram brand saw a rise of 15 percent as buyers want not only light-duty, but heavy-duty vehicles as well. Overall, the total leap of sales for the third quarter includes a 38 percent growth throughout the second quarter. The total amounted to a total of 140,265 vehicles moved, more so than the previous quarter. The collective total for FCA was 507,351 vehicles, around 10 percent off of the same period last year, which is remarkable considering the on-going effects from the COVID-19 outbreak. 

2020 Expected To End With Even Better Quarterly Results

As remarkable as the sales have been this past quarter, we can see the future will be even brighter. The growth of these brands will continue as both Jeep and Ram will offer some exciting advances including a new Jeep Wrangler EV in the near future. For those who want to know where Jeep is headed with its expansion of electric vehicles, we’ve covered all the details. The three most successful vehicles for Jeep were the Grand Cherokee (56,447 vehicles sold), the Wrangler (54,071 vehicles moved), and the Cherokee (40,981 vehicles sold). Interestingly enough, perhaps the last Jeep Patriot was sold. A single 2017 model Patriot, the last year the vehicle was produced.

Ram Sees Wonderful Rise In Growth

As far as the Ram brand is concerned, the collection Ram pickups moved a total of 156,157 vehicles. The Ram ProMaster Van moved 15,998 vehicles and the Ram ProMaster City van sold 3,020 vehicles. The leap Ram will gain in the coming months will be found with the upcoming 2021 Ram Rebel TRX pickup. When the Ram rolls out the TRX, we expect the vehicle to sell out quickly. The head of U.S. Sales for FCA had this to say about the results.

“The results reflect the hard work our dealers have done throughout the third quarter as they worked through the COVID-19 restrictions while still improving our sales over the prior months. Jeep and Ram are hot and we continue to prioritize deliveries to our dealers who are asking us to ship as many vehicles as we can build. We are optimistic about the U.S. market and expect sales to remain strong as we close out 2020,” U.S. Head of Sales Jeff Kommor said. 

Dodge Also Sees Solid Returns

Not to be forgotten, one of the most popular brands around the world is the Dodge brand. Dodge, while it didn’t see an increase in sales compared to last year, the Dodge Charger led the way with 23,547 vehicles moved and the Dodge Challenger moved 16,332 vehicles. The Dodge Durango has introduced its first-ever Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat model. When that vehicle trim debuts, we’re sure it will be a popular choice. We are excited to announce to our customers that we have many of the vehicles mentioned ready in our inventory. To get started on buying or leasing a new vehicle, we are ready to help out today. 

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