Get Active in 2014 at Miami-Dade ‘Fitness Zones’

January 3rd, 2014 by

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We have officially started the year 2014, and the new year means a lot of different things to different people. While some individuals look at January 1st as just another day, the majority of the world’s population looks upon each new year with renewed hope. The new year brings the possibility of a “new you,” and if you are like the hundreds of thousands of people who make new year’s resolutions, then you are probably pretty focused on your new goals. The most popular new year’s resolution involves losing weight, or getting into shape – and your Kendall Dodge dealership has the scoop on what your local community is doing to help make your resolution a successful reality.

The Miami-Dade parks department is putting an effort towards helping local residents reach their goals in the new year. If you aren’t already aware, there are a lot of activities and equipment in place throughout Kendall and the surrounding cities for you to get your fitness on, without spending a load of money at the gym. Doris Howe is the manager of communications and marketing for the Miami-Dade County Parks Recreation and Open Space department, and says that, “The intent is to challenge the fitness fanatics or die-hards, while appealing to anyone who might be intimidated or turned off by the gym to move their bodies and become physically active to burn excess calories and fat, and build muscle in the process. And mostly to get everyone engaged in recreational activities outdoors and reap all the benefits of being out in nature, which too many of us take for granted in our bustling urban environment or just aren’t aware of at all.”

While there are many programs and activities to sign up for, there are also fitness zones throughout the area that are located outdoors and are free for the public to use. You can check out exact locations here.
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