Highlighting the Ram 1500 Before REV Arrival

July 13th, 2023 by

Ram REV Kendall Dodge
As the world awaits for a new electric automotive transition to take place, EV sales are growing.  The widely popular flagship Ram pick, the Ram 1500 is undergoing some changes with its 2024 model year. For the 2023 model year unveiling, they announced they would be ending the EcoDiesel option. The award-winning light-duty full-size pickup segment boil down to a lone diesel engine, as Ram announced that it will stop building the 1500 pickup’s EcoDiesel V6 powertrain option beginning early in 2023. Last decade, many rival brand pickups offered light-duty diesels at one point, but Ram is bowing out as did Ford ending its F-150’s PowerStroke diesel run as well.

Keep in mind, that doesn’t mean the capable technology of the 2023 Ram 1500 using the EcoDiesel powertrain is forgotten. Rather, the focal point of diesel fuel was to offer a cleaner driving solution, but that’s exactly how the EV integration will be an even better step forward for the brand and drivers alike. While Ram has moved on from the diesel production, they still have invested plenty into their current 2023 Ram pickup truck lineup.

Ram Goes Electric This Decade

The forthcoming electric version of the impressive Ram 1500 pickup will ultimately become the massive upgrade to the EcoDiesel. Ram has revealed this new-generation Ram 1500 will debut in 2024, and we’ve witness some otherworldly highlights previewing the layout and design expected to arrive with the vehicle. Ram has asked fans to go to RamRevolution.com where the company is seeking buyers’ thoughts and various input. One suggestion that is being taken into account is a range-extender version of the EV pickup that may arrive in the following years. (As early as 2024 to be exact.)

For Ram, this rendition could be an all-electric Revolution TRX that we see drive to the showcase before the end of the year. Don’t want to wait that long to begin the process of driving a Ram pickup? Ram has earned acclaim for more than 77 years with production of the pickups like the Ram 1500. Check out the high-quality interior and impressive strength to handle business. Ram has added that the Revolution will be known as the all-new Ram 1500 REV debuts.

Making the Right Selection For Each Customer

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