Jeep Considering Big Changes for the Wrangler

Jeep dealerships

When you visit Jeep dealers in Miami, you will find many vehicles for sale, with the Wrangler being one that attracts your attention. This SUV has been a favorite for many years, with the future looking just as bright.

Some vehicles are so popular that making even the slightest change has the potential to upset some people. That being said, when changes are made for the better, everybody is happy in the end.

While the Jeep Wrangler has been the same for many years, for the most part, the company is looking to make some adjustments moving forward.

What to Look for

Jeep, just the same as many automakers, is interested in improving gas mileage across the board. This is definitely the case with the Wrangler, and the company has plans for making this happen in the near future. To improve gas mileage in the new version that is expected in 2017, Jeep is looking into a few changes, including a lighter body, smaller engine, and/or more transmission gears.

The current Wrangler does not get the best gas mileage, sitting at 17 miles per gallon in the city and 21 mpg on the highway. That being said, this is better than what Wrangler owners experienced in past models.

Jeep is struggling with the question of whether it should attempt to make changes that could improve gas mileage, or leave things the same to ensure that Wrangler enthusiasts do not become upset.

Other brands have made mistakes in the past, but as of late Jeep appears to be doing everything right. For this reason, it is easy to believe that the company will make the right decision for everybody involved.

The ideal situation would be if Jeep could roll out a new Wrangler with better gas mileage, all without giving up anything else. This would be a win-win, making the company and consumers happy, while also benefiting the environment. It has some time to think things over.