Jeep Promises New Concepts Will Be Revealed In 2020

April 3rd, 2020 by

Moab Kendall Dodge

Photo credit: Jeep

Some great news came in an announcement by Jeep and parent company Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) last week. While the Jeep brand has announced they are not going to officially debut new concept Jeep vehicles at the 2020 Easter Jeep Safari, they will find a new location and time to do so. Working on this goal for a later date in 2020 is welcomed news to Jeep fans around the world. Autoblog spoke with FCA to report the news and a Jeep spokesperson has confirmed the report. Surprisingly, the Easter Jeep Safari is now set to go through with its 2020 event. This will continue the tradition of the Jeep Safari, which has run successfully for over 53 years. 

The Show Must Go On!

The city council of the tourism-driven town of Moab, Utah has very few events that gain as much attention and visiting tourists as this annual event. While the outbreak of the Coronavirus has cancelled nearly every social event, the difference between the Easter Jeep Safari is how it requires very little human contact. Social distancing is able to be maintained, thus allowing organizers to continue the event. Large groups will gather, but anyone that travels to Moab is going to be in their own Jeep vehicle and no interactions have to take place. This is a very visual event with lots of Jeep vehicles showing up with modifications on their rides and people just hoping to show off and see other Jeep products with unique looks. 

The measure to have severe restrictions on any large gathering was reversed in order to make this event happen next April. The news while shocking, only proves that the love for Jeep vehicles and continuing tradition is as strong as ever in Moab, Utah. The Jeep Safari is one of many that take place as a part of the Jeep Jamboree series across the United States. The Moab Jeep Safari is among the longest with over nine days worth of riding Jeep vehicles throughout the desert terrain and over the famous Moab trails of rocks, with thousands of Jeepers enjoying the off-road treks. 

Jeep Brand As Beloved As Ever

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