The Jeep Wave: There’s More to It Than You Know

October 23rd, 2014 by

Jeep Wave-Jeep Dealer in Miami

The Jeep wave is a phenomenon that we’ve all seen on the road. When one Jeep owner sees another, they briefly acknowledge each other in honor of the fiercest off-road vehicles in existence.

You might just assume it’s primarily about a group of people who participate in the spirit of fellowship, and that is true. However, it’s a bit more complex than that.

If you’re new to Jeeps, thinking of joining the ranks by purchasing from a Jeep Dealer in Miami, or if you’re just plain curious, here’s a rundown of the basic wave rules.

The wave is just one more thing that makes driving a Jeep a unique experience.


The typical wave consists of a one handed gesture just above the steering wheel. However, the wave takes different forms depending on the practitioner and circumstances.

Although each driver may have his or her own subtly different version, they’re all usually considered acceptable.

The most important thing is that the tradition is maintained and a wave, in whatever form, is given or returned considerately.

Well, there is a small exception actually…


The wave depends on several important aspects of the Jeeps involved. What year is the model? How intense are the off-road modifications? Is there anything particularly epic or retro about said Jeep?

Classic, superbly enhanced, or battle-wounded Jeeps obviously rank higher and therefore deserve the most emphatic waves and utmost expect.

The only case in which some believe etiquette allows for non-return of a wave is when the initiating vehicle is far below in the hierarchy. This may be due to lack of off-road use or well-intended but not so awesome mods.


Some Jeep drivers take the wave more seriously than others. What many consider a friendly, social custom, others take a bit further. There are hardcore owners who use a point system to determine wave requirements.

But in the end, it’s all in the name of fun, and following wave protocol connects Jeep drivers with others who are just as passionate about their off-road vehicles.

Now if you happen to bump into a driver whose Jeep is falling low on the hierarchy, help out by sharing a few tricks of the trade.

It’s always nice to give someone a leg up on the social ladder.