Jeep Wrangler Among Best Buys For Consumers

December 6th, 2023 by

Wrangler Kendall Dodge
Many drivers today wish they had the kind of money to get into a new ride that provides a really long life of ownership. In that line of thinking is the Jeep brand and thinking straight from the top encourages this.

Stellantis is planning to expand in 2025 and by 2029 will offer an all-electric option for each of its vehicles as the main function with a total goal of nearly half the sales (as much as 40%) be with all-new EVs. Having a battery supplier on American soil is a core requirement for auto manufacturers to avoid any streamlined approach to producing these new EV batteries. The genuine quest of expanding the EV capabilities to the next level will be unearthed in what Jeep and Stellantis can develop throughout this decade. Keep in mind, the Jeep brand collected the data above proves that the Wrangler is quite impressive, as the Jeep Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited taking the top two spots on the iSeeCars study. Over the lifespan of five years, the standard Wrangler only saw around 7.3% of a drop in price as compared to the national average of 33.3%. This means the Wrangler is almost the only vehicle on the road today that customers can feel secure knowing its price will not go down over the course of ownership. This is one of the reasons the Jeep brand has seen stellar sales figures.

The Primary Goal of Jeep

Jeep is focused on off-road experiences, but has ensured they are threading the needle to bring about the electrified variety. The adventure and open air journey created in ownership of the Jeep brand is still a main focus. As Meunier alluded to, they are focused on offering the greatest infrastructure possible without compromises. The details alluded to in a conversation with The Verge, Meunier has acknowledged the 35,000 engineers at Stellantis. Jeep brand is focused on creating customers that stand the test of time and as Jeep says, “We don’t make Jeep, you do”.

“We don’t call it plug-in hybrid because we built the most capable Jeep with electrification. It’s not only about electrifying for compliance and better fuel economy and sustainability. It’s also because we bring to market the best Jeep, the most capable Jeep, the most fun to drive Jeep. And we can drive off-road in silence, which we believe is the ultimate fun stuff to do. The Wrangler, we launched at the beginning of this year, and we’re now number one in the US for plug-in hybrid,” said Christian Meuiner, Jeep CEO.

The largest plans have already come in for the Jeep brand regarding the Jeep Grand Cherokee and other vehicles under the Jeep umbrella, but now the reinforcements are making their way. This is all a huge plan involved with the major investment the brand has made to expand its EV lineup that is involved with all Stellantis brands. What does that mean for our buyers this winter and into 2024? We’ll have all the answers in Kendall.

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