New York Auto Show Highlights Design Improvements by Dodge

April 25th, 2014 by

The New York International Auto Show has been a popular platform for automobile manufacturers to stage debuts for new makes and models for the past four decades. From the American-made Dodge Durango, whose most recent facelift was put on displayed this year, to the new design of the Japanese-made Toyota Highlander, this year was teeming with new technology and movements toward fuel efficiency.

The NY International Auto Show is also a strong indication of the trends that consumers should expect in the coming year. Two of the most anticipated debuts are the full body makeovers of the Dodge Challenger and Charger. The company has promised to provide both updated design and to stay true to their iconic roots.

In fact, most of the buzz in 2014 surrounds muscle cars, an American classic making a strong comeback as American based Ford Mustang squared off against it’s counterpart Dodge Charger. This year’s models packed the same torque and horsepower as their quintessential predecessor’s; however, these modern versions of these classic cars are far slimmer and considerably more fuel-efficient.

That said, while competition is fierce, most believe the front-runner to be the Dodge Charger. The company has put every effort into ensuring this release is truly groundbreaking, which means that every door, hood panel and fender are new and improved.

The Dodge Charger will continue to offer a 5.7-liter 370-hp Hemi V8, although most customers will opt for the V-6 that is capable of 31 mpg/gallon. The 2015 Charger also offers state-of-the-art safety features like adaptive cruise control with full stop, lane-departure warnings, parking assistance, full-speed forward-collision warning and 911-call assistance.

Muscle cars aren’t the only type of car receiving attention this year. Small SUVs have also seen their share of the spotlight as consumers continue to demand storage space and improving gas mileage. The facelift of the Dodge Durango is expected to meet those demands and more.

The weeklong event typically opens on Easter weekend and runs for the entirety of the following week. After the kickoff, industry analysts are sure this year will present consumers with a wide array of new choices that continue to propel the automotive industry into the future.

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