RAM Sales Continue to Grow in 2014

2014 Dodge RAM 1500

It’s no secret that Ford has a firm grip on the #1 sales spot for trucks–and all other vehicles–in the North American market. The F-series lineup of pickup trucks is a massive success for the company, and a major driver of profits. But things could be heading for a disaster ending for Ford if the 2014 Dodge RAM 1500 continues to grow in sales this year.

The RAM has seen a lot of growth so far, beating its April sales from 2013 by more than 5,000 units, an impressive feat as Ford and Chevy show slower growth as the market for pickup trucks gains more steam.

After an impressive March–in which it beat the Chevy Silverado in sales–many are wondering why RAM is suddenly jumping out to challenge Ford for the #1 best-selling vehicle spot in North America.

Well, the biggest reason for the brand’s overwhelming success in 2014 is the incredible incentives being offered by Fiat Chrysler, RAM’s parent company. Currently RAM offers $1500 in extra incentives compared to Ford–something that can make or break the sale of an expensive pickup truck.

And with GM’s various recall issues, there’s no doubt its brands are not looking too good in the eyes of consumers right now, giving RAM the opportunity of a lifetime to seize as much marketshare as it can from its two biggest rivals.

Ford, however, seems unscathed by RAM’s growth and efforts, as the company’s higher-ups are attempting to act unfazed by other companies’ changes and gains. In fact, on average, Ford dropped incentives on its F-series line of pickups throughout April.

We’ll have to wait and see if RAM can capitalize even more as the year goes on.

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