Smart Tips Before Long Winter Road Trips

December 15th, 2023 by

Kendall Jeep WranglerAs we experience weather in the 50s this time of year, even South Florida can get chilly. But what about those owners who dream about taking their ride up north where the weather is extremely cold is a different story. For winter is a different beast for gasoline engines especially; one day soon we will not have the same issues as the electrified era we are entering in the automotive industry.

What To Know Before Any Long Cold Drive

Sometimes the obvious isn’t obvious for some drivers, like knowing when to not drive without enough fuel or slow down and pull off to the side if you have a flat tire; those are definitely two situations to know. The more common confusion car owners have is how to maintain a vehicle to avoid having any problems down the road. The easiest route is asking our service team, but we can provide options here as we often do.

Checklist of Common Issues To Know

As the seasons change, so should a variety of car parts and various upgrades are required to ensure the longevity of a vehicle. Oil changes, tire replacements, brake pad and/or rotor replacements. These are commonly done to ensure a safe and reliable ride. Car owners can do more than a car wash to keep their vehicle clean, getting serviced with tire rotations, for example, is a solid way to get the most out of tires. Aligning a vehicle could solve most issues in regards to a vehicle’s handling or if a steering wheel veers to the left or right.

How Weather Changes Become A Factor

When the weather becomes extremely cold, we know there’s going to be the possibility of starters or batteries aging out and not providing that spark to turn a vehicle on. Those are two parts that could use a replacement every so often, less so for the starter or spark-plug. If servicing has been neglected, there is a possibility that brake fluid is low or contaminated. Coolant fluid and anti-freeze are what allows the engine to stay cool. (It’s in the name). Coolant has anti-corrosive properties to help shield the engine and metallic surfaces of the powertrain. Consider this something that is very important and every 100,000 miles or so, a vehicle should have a coolant flush. While rare, flushes are needed over time the vehicle begins to back up with dirt and if the vehicle doesn’t have this fluid replaced, the vehicle might overheat at some point. When the extremely hot temperatures hit, there would be issues regarding A/C units and other maintenance work we encounter often.

Sometimes finding out the solution is opening the hood and trying to figure out someone done seasonally or reaching out to folks who made their career choice to fix well-built, secure, fast cars and premium vehicles like the ones found at Kendall Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram. The coming holiday season will bring many perks for those looking to upgrade their current ride and we can’t wait to help put on some smiles on the faces of our customers!

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