Stellantis Creating Flying Taxis?

January 12th, 2023 by

Stellantis is about to invest in a new developing market, the global auto-making company that owns Jeep, Ram, Dodge, Chrysler, among other brands is making a deal to launch into the aircraft-manufacturing business. This is a move that will add a new pathway and deal with Archer Aviation Inc. to help build an electric flying taxis. To our readers, that’s a correct statement. We all have read and discussed how far Stellantis has come with their leadership and their investments are surely noteworthy to get their electric vehicle portfolio on the right path. But, what is this move and what will the move represent long-term? Keep in mind, these aren’t drones; they are full-scale aircrafts with decent-sized wings flying through the sky.

How Did Such A Deal Get Made?

The two companies revealed this week that Stellantis would help Archer, a publicly traded air-mobility company founded back in 2018, move into this plan. This is some of the press release that added some insight to the deal. The expected arrival for the competition of the project is 2024-25. 

“Stellantis’ continued recognition of Archer’s progress toward commercialization, and today’s commitment of significant resources to build the Midnight aircraft with us places Archer in a strong position to be first to market. Our two companies are taking these important steps together to realize a once-in-a-generation opportunity to redefine urban transportation,” Archer founder and CEO Adam Goldstein said in the press release. 

More On Merge Partner

As a manufacturer’s key part, Midnight, the model built by the factory, is expected to launch soon. As the aviation company has grown, they have plans to recreate their growing success in Georgia. In a statement about the process, the effort is aimed and “designed to be safe, sustainable, quiet, and … can carry four passengers plus a pilot.”

The joint venture press release added that the Midnight will fly at most 20 miles but will have a 100-mile range for back-to-back trips and the all-electric aircraft will require a charging time of about 10 minutes in between flights. That’s relatively very little time and will do much more work and remove the need of cars that provide traffic just for Uber eats, or so, we speculate. Hopefully this service helps Stellantis further ahead growth towards their new electric vehicle ensemble for decades to come. Just look at the next ones coming with more 4xe trims and PHEV rides are set to be incorporated all over the place in this decade. Check out the lovely line-up awaiting customers at Kendall Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram

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Source: Archer Aviation Inc.