Stellantis Prime Jeep For EV and Gasoline Success

May 13th, 2024 by

Jeep Kendall Dodge
Change is a constant for humanity. The digital age caught up with television and now companies offer immensely dense catalogs for their various entertainment. Concerts have done the same with single-day events that encompass all the various bands and artists live in one fell swoop and consumers are thrilled to get everything all at once; just as technology offers the same reward. Today? We don’t want to go to the gas station and want to do away with vehicles that pollute the air; each person doing their smart and individual part. The automotive industry is well-aware and now has the grasp of every brand in Stellantis, the fourth-largest manufacturer in the word.

Welcome to the Newest Change In Cars

Stellantis is the parent company to Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler, and Ram (among other) brands. Experience what we have to offer our buyers with the latest of these companies rides. They are sold both new and pre-owned. Jeep has pushed ahead in ways that will showcase many choices for both electric and gasoline options. The truth is Jeep is far better at adjusting their brand to accommodate buyers than other brands.

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Allow us to be your destinations for the latest in innovation provided by Stellantis and their iconic brands. Come experience the new technology of the interior that includes the latest in Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration, modern infotainment systems and hosts of innovation a step beyond with the likes of the Jeep Grand Wagoneer full-size SUV or 2023 Ram 1500 pickup truck.

Ram is all about providing high-end luxury with its pickups, serving as an ambassador for electric vehicles is one massive goal as it has always been a major focus. We’re here to assist our customers in many ways, including going out for a test-drive with one of our vehicles from our wide new vehicle inventory.

Curious to know how much better things are for the Jeep brand?

“(this is) the best Grand Cherokee lineup ever. Now with electrified 4xe technology, the Grand Cherokee further strengthens the Jeep brand’s vision of ‘Zero Emission Freedom,” said Jim Morrison, vice president and head of Jeep brand North America. 

Jeep is looking to become more efficient in the way they build their vehicles and one surefire way is to create EVs that limit the number of greenhouse gasses and stay true to the Jeep brand’s goal of being the green company they are. Want to see the future of the Jeep lineup?

New 2024 Vehicles Waiting For Your Test-Drive!

Go through our entire brand new Jeep vehicles. We’re more than able to assist our customers for any buying, leasing, selling, or needs they may have. We can also help buyers trade-in their current vehicle. Our knowledgeable sales team shows off all our new vehicle inventory and high-quality pre-owned vehicles with pride. 

Not sure if your current vehicle is running well or needs some work? We’re here! We are able to make sure you’re back on the road fast with our experienced service staff. Make an online service appointment and we can help you with your vehicle problems. We look forward to being your center for all things automotive. Check with us today at Kendall Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram to begin 2024 off right!