Stellantis Retools Plants For New Transmissions For Future Vehicles

October 7th, 2021 by

EV Kendall Dodge

Stellantis is out to provide a new transmission across their various elite brands like Jeep, Ram, Dodge and Chrysler. The 4th largest automotive company in the world will spend as much as $229 million to help retool three of the Indiana manufacturing plants to allow for the electrified products these facilities will require for the EVs coming soon. The investment towards these new technologies is set as a small part in the larger $35 billion plans Stellantis has made to revamp their lineups across the board for the various brands they represent. For those still lurking to find deals on current engines, now is the time to buy these current cars.

The World Surges Ahead Towards Better Vehicles

The total global investment is in electrification and proper software that includes updates required for 2025. The target for Stellantis among its many iconic brands is to see more than 70% of all sales in Europe. The total sales for the United States is lower at 40% as more Americans are hesitant to do their part to help the planet, as even a relectancy towards autonomous driving has been noted for years; not to mention the slow trend towards buying EVs compared to other countries that are looking forward to adopting the newest technologies, as opposed to staying in old technologies. Europe currently has more strict gas emission laws, a large reason why Americans have lagged behind most major countries around the world. 

Changing the EV Market Steadily

Those who want to see EVs become more popular include Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb who is set to join local and company officials at the Kokomo Transmission Plant. This investment by Stellantis will keep 662 jobs for workers to help make the newest changes for the plants. The retooling process will include a fourth-generation, eight-speed transmission capable of offering the flexibility to be paired with the last generations of vehicles to hold internal combustion engines and the new fleet of mild hybrid and plug-in hybrid propulsion systems that offer better fuel economy and the pure electric range that not only runs more efficiently, but meets the emission regulations that are set in place. Curious what the newest lineup of our vehicles looks like in 2021? We have a lot to go through and can’t wait to offer a test-drive. 

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