The 2015 Chrysler 200: Welcome to Quality

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From frame to finish, the Chrysler 200 is built to meet the highest standards of quality. Chrysler is pretty proud of the intense process that’s used to make every single one just right. So they’ve decided to take Americans behind the scenes.

They used Google Maps Business View technology to create a virtual tour of every inch of their 5 million square foot facility. It’s the first time that kind of technology has ever been used to capture the inner goings on of an automotive production plant.

If you’re looking for your next car, read this to find out what goes into the making of the 200. You’ll find that no other company has taken craftsmanship to the same level.

And make sure you get a chance to test drive this wonder at your local Chrysler dealer. Never before has refinement taken such an exquisite form.

Advanced Assembly

There are over 1,000 robots in Chrysler’s Body Shop. They clamp the pieces of the frame and use a butterfly assembly method to bring the sides together.

The robots even know when and how to sharpen their own welding pins so they’re always prepared for maximum performance.

And to make sure that all of the pieces are accurately and seamlessly attached, they use lasers to braze the seams in one long weld instead of spot by spot. The result is the tightest seal possible with no gaps.

Passing Exams

Then it’s on to the Metrology Center where expert craftsmen check every part of the frame to make sure there are no errors.

Robots also examine over 2,000 points of the car, and they can pick up on minute details that are even smaller than a human hair. They’re fitted with ruby tips so they never wear down and always maintain total precision.

Finally blue light scanners complete the check for any irregularities by thoroughly going over the whole body. Nothing is getting by this team.

Extreme Paint Job

In order to prepare for paint, each 200 undergoes a hardcore cleaning ritual that includes seven baths and showers. Electronic ions are also used to safeguard against any minuscule debris that could later cause corrosion.

A rotating machine turns the car upside down for full underside sealant that prevents any moisture and debris from getting into the vehicle. It also drastically reduces road noise. And power coating creates a tough shell to keep the paint from chipping.

Next the 200 is dusted with ostrich feathers…yes ostrich feathers. Apparently they have tiny hooks on them that grab any specs that are clinging to the car.

Then it heads down to the Paint Shop which has an exceptional clean room. Each vehicle gets tri-coat paint for a look with more depth and better protection.

Finally, all the components are installed by hand by specially trained professionals. And the 200 receives a final quality inspection before being shipped out to dealers.


Wow, all that goes into every single model. It seems like the 200 should cost a fortune with the amount of time and resources put in to make it perfect. However, it starts at an affordable $21,700.

With a build like that and high performance reviews coming from auto experts around the country, the 2015 Chrysler 200 is poised to disrupt the market and hit the road in high style.

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