A Trip Down Memory Lane – Chrysler Style

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“I never understood why progress should crawl when it can be made to leap.” — Walter P. Chrysler

The Chrysler Corporation was first started in June of 1925 (yes, that long ago!). Since then, Chrysler has developed and grown into the successful automotive company that it is today. Let’s take a trip down memory lane, and look at where Chrysler started to how it became what it is today, from the Plymouth to the Pacifica.

Chrysler didn’t start like many other automotive companies. Walter Chrysler wasn’t a graduate of a prestigious school, nor did he have family in the business. Chrysler began his career in mechanics and locomotive engineering. After some years doing that, Chrysler’s personal passion in automotives paid-off as he was given a position with General Motors.

Chrysler bounced around with a couple automotive companies like General Motors, Buick, and Willys-Overland Motor Company and Maxwell Motor Company. From 1920-1924 Chrysler teamed up with three ex-Studebaker engineers to design a revolutionary new car. They began to define the Chrysler brand as it is still known today, affordable “luxury” vehicles known for innovative, top-flight engineering.

The first major innovation was the 1924 Chrysler Six, an all-new car priced at $1,565 that featured two significant innovations – a light, powerful, high-compression six-cylinder engine and the first time four-wheel hydraulic brakes were standard on a passenger car.

The following year,  Chrysler acquired Maxwell Motor Company and renamed the company the Chrysler Corporation.

Famous milestones that are a significant part of the Chrysler legacy include the Plymouth brand, and the Dodge brand which were both acquired by the Chrysler Corporation in 1928.

As a sub-brand of Chrysler, Plymouth was a more affordable car brand, and because of its affordability, it helped the Chrysler Corporation stay afloat during the Great Depression. The ownership of Dodge was important, as it made the Chrysler Corporation one of the biggest auto companies.

Through the years, Chrysler developed its own brand with many significant car creations like the  development of the hemispheric-head V-8 engine. That engine turned into what is now known as the HEMI. Still today, the HEMI engine is used because it offers better combustion, higher compression and lower heat loss to create much more horsepower.

Another significant Chrysler first, was the creation of the 1983 Dodge Caravan, the first minivan ever. 33 years later and Chrysler is still making minivan history as they are set to release the Pacifica Hybrid, the first hybrid minivan, in the fall of 2016.

The Chrysler Pacifica is very well engineered with plenty of space for loads of cargo and all the kids. Not to mention, the van is technologically advanced, and made to keep the whole family happy during long or short trips. The 2017 Pacifica has already won several awards including an award for the panoramic sunroof at Topless in Miami.

In addition to the Chrysler Pacifica, the current Chrysler lineup includes the spacious and luxurious sedan, the Chrysler 300, and its smaller kin, the Chrysler 200.

Though the Chrysler Corporation has since become Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Chrysler remains a member in a successful group of automotive companies. If Walter P. Chrysler was still alive, we believe he would be satisfied.

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