Why Turbo Diesel is the Only Way to Go

October 28th, 2014 by

2014-ram-1500-ecodiesel-Dodge Ram 1500 for sale

When you’re looking at a Dodge Ram 1500 for sale in Miami, it can be difficult to decide which high quality engines to go with.

The EcoDiesel has seen huge popularity this year with its award-winning turbo diesel engine. And Ram’s pickup is not alone; 2014 has brought a wave of new diesel vehicles into the American automotive industry.

But why is this fuel seeing such a resurgence, and why are so many people opting for turbo diesels when they buy new trucks?

Because with all of its benefits, a turbo diesel engine is really the only way to go.

A Modern Spin

Due to technology upgrades and the required switch to ultra-low sulfur diesel, trucks with diesel engines are no longer noticeably loud, and they don’t produce lots of smoke as in days of yore.

They burn cleanly and cabins in diesel pickups are often noted for being just as quiet as those in gasoline-powered vehicles.

Fewer Fills

You may pay slightly more at the pump, but you’ll fill up much less often. Diesel supplies more energy and gives you a lot more mileage.

And diesel is readily accessible at most gas stations unlike fueling and charging sources many other fuel-efficient vehicles require.

More Power

With a turbocharged diesel engine, the air is compressed before any fuel is added. The oxygen is packed so tightly that more fuel can be injected, providing increased power.

So in essence, when you want torque, you want diesel. It’s as simple as that. Because it lends so much more power than gasoline, nothing beats a turbo diesel engine when you’re talking about really intense jobs.

And for the same reason, you also get better towing capacity. So whether you’re taking your boat with you for the weekend or you’re hauling construction materials to your next site, you can trust in a turbo diesel’s abilities.

Long Lasting Value

This benefit has become pretty well-known over time. Diesel vehicles hold their value better. So whether you plan to driver you truck forever, trade it in, or resell it after a few years, you know that it’s still worth a significant chunk of what you paid for it originally.