Understanding the Jeep Wave

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If you’ve been considering any Jeep lease deals, learn about another incentive to purchasing the brand’s rugged vehicles. Or even if you’re a current Jeep owner, you can understand why fellow drivers are all waving at you…

If you’ve ever driven behind a Jeep, you may have seen the driver exchange pleasantries with another owner. Can you be included in this friendly tradition, even though you don’t drive a Jeep? You can certainly try, but it’s unlikely anyone will acknowledge you.

As JeepTalk.org explains, the wave is “an honor bestowed upon those drivers with the superior intelligence, taste, class, and discomfort tolerance to own the ultimate vehicle – the Jeep.”



As the website explains, the most “generally consists of vigorous side-to-side motion of one or both hands.” However, there are circumstances where one could switch up their waving strategy. When the top is off, it’s standard to give a one-handed wave above the windshield. If you’re in the south, you’ll probably see drivers slightly raise a finger and acknowledge your vehicle choice. Regardless, drivers are expected to initiate and continue the greeting until it’s returned.

Of course, there are several rules that every participating Jeep owner must follow. This includes (of course) returning a received wave, and it’s against the rule to “blatantly” disregard another driver’s greeting. There’s also a hierarchy of Jeep models, and some drivers aren’t required to wave to everybody. However, it’s certainly encouraged for all of the brand’s owners to be accepting.

There’s actually multiple prioritized lists, each showing which vehicle’s owner has the right to reject a wave. The hierarchy is topped by Pre-CJ Jeeps, and followed (in order) by pre-AMC CJs, other CJs, Commandos, YJs, TJs, Cherokees/Wagoneers, other Jeeps, other four-wheelers (excluding Explorers), and other vehicles.


Furthermore, there are a handful of modifying sub-categories that “must be considered during all Jeep encounters.” To top this list, you must have the top off, and the “vehicle, driver and all occupants covered with mud.” This is followed by a roof that’s partially off, and a vehicle and occupants that are slightly covered by mud. This is followed by top on/vehicle covered in mud, top off during awful weather, a kind of dirty body, a recently washed body, and a “clean, dry, unscratched, untested” Jeep.

And of course, drivers can receive a boosted or reduced perception based on their modifications. No part of the Jeep is ignored, as drivers will recognize if you’ve messed with the engine, drivetrain, tires, suspension, and any other accessories. Some of the worst modifications you can make (according to the website) includes adding low-profile tires and lowering the Jeep’s suspension.


Of course, if you’re a new Jeep owner, don’t be worried. All of the brand’s drivers are very accepting of their fellow drivers, and you’ll rarely find an owner who’s going to deny your wave.

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