Will There Be An Upcoming Mid-size Ram Truck In 2020?

March 19th, 2019 by
2019 Ram 1500 Classic Kendall
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Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) and Ram have produced award-winning full-size pickup trucks that have changed the game for the entire automotive industry. Could Ram end up doing the same with the mid-size pickup segment? In 2019, Ram currently does not have a mid-size pickup to its name. While other brands like General Motors, Ford, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, and many other top brands offer solid choices in the mid-size segment, FCA hasn’t done so with their Ram lineup, though they actually made one for their Jeep brand, the upcoming 2020 Jeep Gladiator mid-size pickup truck. What will that look like should Ram enter this untapped segment? We might have to wait for a little while longer to find out.

“We continue to work on that segment from a business-case perspective, but I don’t have anything to report for you.” Jim Morrison, head of the Ram brand in North America.

Why There Isn’t A Mid-Size Ram Truck?

In the conversation between Ram dealers and their customers are positive remarks for the 2019 Ram 1500 Classic. The previous model generation Ram product supplies a more cost-effective way for customers to drive a new Ram 1500, but it’s still a full-size pickup. Fans of the Ram brand have options, but nothing below full-size options. Among many reasons, owning a mid-size pickup truck does have its pros, we can point to some cons. Among the pros, it is not as wide or large as a bigger truck. That’s about where it ends. A mid-size truck doesn’t offer much better gas mileage. Trucks are meant to be able to haul items a sedan or SUV never could. Making them any bit smaller is going against what a pickup is supposed to be. There’s a reason Ram doesn’t have anything smaller than their half-ton trucks currently, as the Head of the Ram brand of North America alluded to.

“Our entry-level Classic models are doing very well with a lot of those customers that are saying, ‘OK, hey, do I want a midsize truck or do I want a full-size truck?” We have the highest loyalty of any half-ton pickup. Whether they start with a Classic or an abundantly optioned heavy-duty model our full intention is to keep them as Ram customers for life.” Morrison added.

Reasons To Add Mid-Size Trucks

There are customers that will buy any Ram mid-size entry. However, many customers know that a mid-size pickup doesn’t mean way less in cost compared to a full-size truck. Rival brand Ford offers a SuperCrew body and XLT trim that pushes the price of the Ford Ranger towards where their full-size F-150 costs. Options are very important to customers, but not at an outrageous price point. The beauty of what Ram has done with their second year of the Ram 1500 Classic is allowing their production costs to stay the same and allowing more entry-level buyers to start their journey driving a Ram truck.

Drivers new to the Ram will love the EcoDiesel V6 engine that is available in the 2019 Ram 1500 Classic that provides better fuel economy at 29 highway MPG and still produces 240 horsepower and 420 lb-ft of torque. While there is not a single mid-size Ram pickup in production currently, customers can find a fantastic pickup that will last for a long time and provide everything an owner could ask for. Want to see what these new Ram pickups look like and take one out for a spin?

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