The Wrangler Every American Jeep Enthusiast Wants But Can’t Have

March 29th, 2015 by

When you visit Jeep dealers in Miami, you won’t have a hard time finding a few Wranglers that suit your style. These vehicles are popular throughout the area, thanks in large part to its rugged good looks, top of the line performance, and long history of success.

Over the years, Jeep has rolled out a variety of special edition Wranglers, most of which have been met with plenty of positive reviews. From the 70th Anniversary Edition to the X Edition, customers have always had plenty of options.

The Black Edition II

Coming soon is the Black Edition II. This Wrangler special edition is sure to attract a variety of buyers. Unfortunately for those in the United States, they won’t be able to get their hands on this vehicle.

At this time, the Black Edition II is only available in Europe. As a buyer in the United States, this is definitely disappointing. While things could change in the future, American buyers will simply need to keep their fingers crossed for the time being.

Even though you can’t purchase the Black Edition II in the United States, it is still fun to take a close look at what Jeep is bringing to market in other parts of the world.

The Black Edition II model comes with a variety of exterior cosmetic enhancements, including but not limited to gloss black wheels, spare tire cover, mirror caps, logo, and grille inserts. When it comes to black SUVs, this model is truly top dog.

If those upgrades don’t excite you, consider this: the Dual Top group is standard with the Black Edition II, meaning that buyers get both the folding soft top and the Freedom hard top. This gives every owner the versatility they are looking for in a vehicle.

Jeep lovers in the United States are already hoping that the famous automaker will change its mind and offer the Black Edition II in the near future. There is no reason to believe this is coming soon, but don’t be surprised if the company changes its mind at some point down the road. If this happens, you can be rest assured that many US buyers will flock to local dealers to take a closer look at the Black Edition II.