2 Types of Bedliners for Your Truck – Pros and Cons

September 19th, 2017 by

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Whether, moving furniture, loading up big equipment for your next outdoor project or carrying sports gear, there’s always the possibility of damage if a truck bed doesn’t have a bedliner. But luckily, many trucks, including many Ram trucks, come standard with or are available with one of the two bedliner options, which are a spray-in bedliner or a drop-in bedliner.

Spray-In Bedliners

Spray-in bedliners are exactly what they sound like, they are a sprayed in protective coating. In comparison to drop-in bedliners, spray-in bedliners are more expensive, but they typically last longer.


  • Looks nice when properly applied.
  • Does a good job at keeping cargo stable and its textured surface helps prevent cargo from shifting in the bed.
  • Spray-in liners can be put anywhere in the truck bed including the tailgate, over the wheel wells, and bumper/fender flares.
  • Built to take a beating and they are permanent.


  • If the job isn’t done correctly, it can ruin the factory paint on the truck bed for good (so make sure you take it to a reputable shop).
  • Spray-in bedliners are not removeable.
  • More expensive. Prices range from $350 to $1,000. Price depends on the type of spray-in liner you need and how tough it needs to be. Also, don’t forget labor costs!

Drop-In Bedliners

Drop-in bedliners are mats that are attached to the bed and there are a different of material options,  including carpet, plastic and/or rubber.


  • These are generally inexpensive and can be found for $200 or less.
  • Easy DIY installation and can be removed/transferred to your next truck.
  • Protects bed from dings and dents when moving cargo around.


  • Can be low quality and do not last nearly as long as spray-in liners.
  • Surface is slick most times, which means cargo may slide around.
  • If it isn’t the right fit for your bed, the liner may move while driving or going over bumps which can be problematic to the truck bed, cargo and safety.

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