2015 Dodge Durango vs 2015 GMC Acadia

Brace yourself, winter is coming. And that means that vehicles will be put to the test in ways that they weren’t during the summer. The winter will bring ice and snow. It will also bring of the grace period many drivers have in their mind when they think of spring in summer. Because in the spring and summer if your vehicle fails you can usually get out of the bind fairly easily, with a call to a tow truck or friend. But winter brings things into play that are absent during the more mild seasons, like the danger crashes and rollovers, or a time limit brought into play by low temperatures.

So, between the 2015 Dodge Durango and the 2015 GMC Acadia.

The Cost

The first thing to look at are the products price points. The Durango carries a price tag of $43,595, while the Acadia bears a heavier toll of $49,690. To some people, the six thousand dollars that separate the two vehicles doesn’t even warrant the batting of an eye, but to the majority of driver’s, it’s important to really make sure that they purchase the most vehicle they can for their buck. This attitude of thriftiness might be a product of what some people are calling the Great Recession that happened last decade, or it could just be that most American consumers want to be sure they spend their money wisely. But wise is in the mind of the thinker, and there are other things to consider about these vehicles than just their price points.

Gas Mileage

Gas mileage is something that every driver thinks about, even those drivers who pilot enormous trucks that roll coal away from every stop sign. Some consumers are concerned now more than ever about gas mileage due to things like the alleged warming of the environment; but for others, this concern is more about the footprint left in their wallet, rather than a carbon footprint. The Durango gets seventeen mpg in the city and twenty-four on the highway while the Acadia gets sixteen in the city and twenty-three on the highway.

This small difference in the gas mileage might seem superfluous, that is until making cross-country trips when the impact of just a few miles can accumulate in the short term right in front of a driver’s eyes—and out of their bank accounts. During every day commuting it’s easy to miss how a mile here and there can really add up over the long term, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t adding up. Not only this but every mile saved means a little less vehicle exhaust is emitted into the air, and if you ask anyone working at NASA, this is something to keep in mind.


The power a driver can muster under the ball of their foot is another factor needed to be taken into consideration. Both the Durango and the Acadia employ 3.6 L V-6 engines, but there is a small difference in horsepower. The Durango summons 295 horsepower while the Acadia musters 288 horsepower, which seems counter-intuitive considering that the Durango also gets better gas mileage.


Since both the Durango and the Acadia seat the same number of passengers the battle for space centers around cargo room. Because, if you think about it, hauling a bunch of people around is a lot more than just having the seats to strap people into. During cross country trips a lot of room is necessary to stow away all of the luggage and equipment needed; and even during daily commutes cargo room is at a premium when seven people pile in with books, backpacks, and lunches.

The Durango has more cargo room than the Acadia, even where you wouldn’t think it really counts, but it does. The overhead center console in the Durango has storage room so that all the little things that make a driver’s life easier—sunglasses, Chap Stick, driving gloves, phone, money—don’t have to inhabit the places usually reserved for drinks.


Although many drivers that purchase vehicles for utilitarian purposes will at first decry the idea that what they are buying needs to look cool, let’s be real if you’re going to spend your hard earned money you might as well look good. Both the Durango and the Acadia at first appear very similar, but upon further inspection, the GMC logo on the Acadia’s grill is garish, a gaudy reminder of who made the car and decided to forever brand their logo right on its forehead. The Durango looks sleek and impressive, commanding a little bit more regard visually than the Acadia.

The interior of a vehicle is just as important as the outside since that’s what the driver spends most of their time looking at. And again, at first glance, the vehicles’ interiors seem very similar, but after the eye carries a bit certain details conglomerate to provide a bigger picture. The Durango’s interior looks efficient without being so busy that it seems like it would be inaccessible to someone not familiar with electronics. The Acadia’s interior, however, bears a very striking resemblance to a minivan. Maybe the interior minivan look will attract certain driver’s, but it’s something to keep in mind when deciding between the two SUVs.

Measuring Up

It’s easy to scoff at the small differences between the two vehicles, that is if you aren’t planning on purchasing one of them. But if you are deciding between the 2015 Durango and the 2015 Acadia, then these are the kind of things that weigh on consumers’ minds. The two SUVs are similar in many ways, but the Durango pulls ahead in all the criteria assessed here. And while it might seem silly to say that one SUV’s interior looks more like the inside of a minivan than another SUV’s, this is something to think about now, not when your friends rib you about it.

Because when you purchase your next vehicle, you should be one hundred and ten percent satisfied with it. There shouldn’t be any niggling doubts about your purchase. You should be rock solid certain that the vehicle you drive off the lot is the one that you are happiest with, and that also better serves the utility that you’ll be applying it to. So, in this case, the Durango is the better choice, simply because it out performs, and also because it looks better. And all looks aside if the purpose of the SUV is to haul your family around, don’t you want as much room as possible for the comfort of you and your family?

Winter is Coming

Winter is right around the corner. Don’t wait to replace your old vehicle with something that can really handle the demands of ice, snow, and inclement weather. Luckily this winter the best choice is also the choice easiest on your pocketbook. Not only is the Durango thousands of dollars less expensive, but it also gets the best gas mileage. That means you can have peace of mind that not only are you keeping you and your family safe by driving a top of the line SUV, but you are also safeguarding their future by going with the more fuel efficient, but still most powerful, vehicle.