How the 2015 Dodge Vehicles Stack Up Against Each Other

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2015 Dodge Lineup

The search for a new 2015 Dodge vehicle can be daunting. There are seven different 2015 Dodge cars to choose from, so where does a buyer start? They could go with the roomy Dodge Durango, or perhaps they prefer the speedy Viper. Maybe they’d rather go with one of the other five options, including the Challenger, Charger, Dart, Journey and Grand Caravan.

These vehicles are all distinct and different, and they certainly cater to a variety of drivers and terrains. A person driving a Dodge in Boston may have different desires than a person who owns a Dodge in Miami.

So how do these various cars stack up against each other? Let’s take a closer look…

Lowest Price: 2015 Dart, $16,495


The Dart doesn’t just top this list when it comes to least expensive cars… it’s one of the cheapest 2015 vehicles on the market!   Among sedans, the Dodge Dart trails only the Kia Forte ($15,890), Volkswagen Jetta ($16,215) and Nissan Sentra ($16,480).

The Dart provides everything a driver could possible hope for considering the reasonable price. The car has a spacious and modern cabin, a 2.4-liter engine that provides a nice boost while accelerating, and it’s received top safety scores across the board.

Of course, there are a few explanations for why the price is so low. The base engine doesn’t provide much acceleration, the automated transmission is crude, and the seats are a bit too high for some drivers’ liking. There’s no need to worry, though. The car makes up for it’s lack of power with above-average handling and suspension, and at less than $250/month, you can easily tolerate the negatives.

The Grand Caravan, meanwhile, still comes in as one of the most reasonable buys. Among 2015 vans, the Grand Caravan trails only the Nissan NV200 and Mazda Mazda5, which have price tags of $20,720 and $21,240, respectively. Even the Charger’s price ranks among the top-10 in least expensive SUVs for 2015.

On the opposite side of the list is the 2015 Viper, which is more than five-times the price of the Dart. Still, even at this price, the $87K car is still significantly less money than last year’s addition, which came in at more than $100K, and the most expensive 2015 sedans, led by the $335K Bentley Mulsanne.

Other Dodge Vehicles:

2015 Journey: starts at $20,695
2015 Grand Caravan: starts at $21,795
2015 Challenger: starts at $26,995
2015 Charger: starts at $27,995
2015 Durango: starts at $30,495
2015 Viper: starts at $87,095

Best MPG: 2015 Dart, 28/41 MPG (city/hwy)


It seems a bit ironic that the cheapest car would also be the most fuel-efficient. However, when you consider the Dart’s average 3,148 lbs curb weight, it makes considerably more sense (the second-most efficient Dodge car, the Charger, has an average curb weight of 4,205 lbs… more than 1,000 lbs more!).

The car’s efficiency does compromise the speed, as the transmissions are set to keep the engines below 2,000 rpm. This doesn’t mean the car can’t surpass that total… it just means that two downshifts are needed. This typically wouldn’t be an issue, unless you’re planning on consistently driving through the mountains (in which case, you should probably be seeking a bulkier, more durable ride).

Meanwhile, the Grand Caravan’s ability to maximize it’s fuel efficiency ranks it in the top-10 of best gas-mileage minivans.

While the Charger, Challenger, Journey and Durango won’t break any records regarding their fuel efficiency, each vehicle consumes a reasonable amount of fuel considering the price tag.

Other Dodge Vehicles:

2015 Charger: 19/31 MPG
2015 Challenger: 19/30 MPG
2015 Journey: 19/26 MPG
2015 Durango: 18/25 MPG
2015 Grand Caravan: 17/25 MPG
2015 Viper: 12/21 MPG

Highest Horsepower/Torque: 2015 Challenger, 707 hp/650 lb-ft


Surprisingly, it’s not the expensive Viper that tops the list in horsepower, but it’s the iconic Challenger. The car offers the TorqueFlite eight-speed automatic transmission or the TREMEC six-speed manual transmission, allowing the car to accelerate from 0 to 60 in the “mid threes,” according to Dodge President and CEO Tim Kiniskis. The car can also reportedly reach a max speed of 199 miles per hour, making it one of the fastest 2015 sedans.

Despite the lower horsepower, the Viper may actually be the fastest car among Dodge’s 2015 models. The estimated top speed for the Viper is 206 MPH, which is a slight upgrade over the 2014 model.  Not to be outdone, the Charger’s 6.2-liter supercharged Hemi V-8 engine makes it one of the most powerful  sedans in the world.

The Durango cranks out an impressive 360 hp and 390 torque, making it one of the most powerful Dodge SUVs available.  Even the Grand Caravan and it’s 3.6-liter V-6 engine rank in the top-10 among the highest-horsepower minivans.

Other Dodge Vehicles:

2015 Viper: 645 hp/600 lb-ft
2015 Charger: 370 hp/395 lb-ft
2015 Durango: 360 hp/390 lb-ft
2015 Journey: 283 hp/260 lb-ft
2015 Grand Caravan: 283 hp/260 lb-ft
2015 Dart: 184 hp/174 lb-ft

Number of Seats: 2015 Durango/2015 Grand Caravan/2015 Journey, 7


Considering the size of the vehicles, it’s no surprise that the Durango and Grand Caravan top the list for passenger room. The Durango allows up to 50 different seating configurations, and the Grand Caravan provides more than 143 cubic feet of cargo space.

While the Challenger, Charger and Dart limit the number of seats, the Journey goes a step further, allowing potential buyers to choose between a five-passenger or seven-passenger seating style.

The Viper, meanwhile, offers little versatility when it comes to passenger room. Of course, when you’re driving a Viper, you’re likely not concerned with bussing people around.

Other Dodge Vehicles:

2015 Challenger: 5
2015 Charger: 5
2015 Dart: 5
2015 Viper: 2

Towing Capacity: 2015 Durango, 7,400 lbs


It’s the big vehicles topping the list here, with the Durango offering elite towing capacity (it could realistically haul TWO Dodge Darts). The Grand Caravan continues to top the list among towing minivans, and for another year, the Journey impresses with it’s towing capabilities.

Impressively, the Charger offers a suitable towing capacity in each of it’s six models (although the total weight never tops 1,000 lbs). The Challenger and Dart offer similar towing capabilities to the Charger, also peaking at 1,000 pounds.

The Viper, meanwhile, does not have a listed towing capacity. Of course, you may want to rethink your car-buying strategy if you were planning on hooking up a trailer to your $80K sports car…unless you’re like a gentleman in England who used his Viper to tow Rubens Barrichello’s 2007 Honda Fi RA107 race car.

Other Dodge Vehicles:

2015 Grand Caravan: 3,600 lbs
2015 Journey: 2,500 lbs
2015 Challenger: 1,000 lbs
2015 Charger: 1,000 lbs
2015 Dart: 1,000 lbs
2015 Viper: n/a

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