Facts About the 2015 Jeep Renegade

2015 Jeep Renegade

The 2015 Jeep Renegade is the one of the hottest new vehicles at Jeep dealers in Miami, and a vehicle many people thought they’d never see. Once a brand known for hardcore offroad vehicles, Jeep still caters to those who love the great outdoors, but also offers plenty of great vehicle options for those looking for economical, capable SUVs, as well as affordable crossovers.

Dubbed the “Mini Jeep” before its release, the Renegade is meant to compete in the growing compact SUV market, in which a mixture of affordability, efficiency, and capability is necessary to gain a loyal customer base. The company believes the 2015 Renegade is the perfect vehicle to do so, especially as Jeep sales continue to grow and grow as a whole.

General Facts

Inspired by the Wrangler – The designers of the Renegade were deeply inspired by the Wrangler and classic Willys Jeeps of the World War II era. In fact, the entire design resembles a small Wrangler Unlimited when you put the two side by side. From the grille to the headlights, the Renegade is meant to blend right into the Jeep line-up.

Interior Colors Named After Extreme Sports – It’s clear the team in charge of the Renegade had a lot fun with its design. But beyond that, they even had fun naming its interior color combinations. After all, names like “Basejump” and “Sandsurf” are much more exciting than “orange” and “brown,” right?

Shares a platform with the Fiat 500X – The Renegade is the first Jeep to be built outside of North America, and it has everything to do with the fact that it shares a platform with Fiat’s 500X. Because of this shared design platform, both are produced overseas in Fiat’s Melfi, Italy plant.

The Name was VERY Last Minute – You would think a car from one of the world’s largest automakers would have a name long before it went public, right? Well, think again. As of just a few weeks before it was unveiled to the world, it did not have an official name.

The 2008 Renegade Concept was a Futuristic Dune Buggy – Did you think the Renegade name was original? Think again. In 2008, Jeep had a futuristic, topless Wrangler-like concept car that appeared to be inspired by dune buggies. Needless to say the 2015 Renegade and the 2008 concept show few similarities, so it’s doubtful the two are connecting in any way other than name.

Its “X” Stamps Design Pay Homage to Jeep’s Army Roots – Jeeps were an integral part of American troop movement overseas in World War II. To pay homage to Jeep’s Army roots, the Renegade’s designers added “X” stamps that drew inspiration from military gas cans, known as jerry cans, which Jeeps were used to carry. These stamps can be seen in the headlights, taillights, roof, and many other interesting, low-key spots.

First Small SUV with a Nine-Speed Automatic Transmission – To make the Renegade as efficient as possible, it was fitted with the nine-speed transmission most recently featured in the new Cherokee. It’s the first SUV to feature a transmission with more than eight gears.

Trailhawk/Offroad Facts

Trail-Rated Option in Trailhawk Trim – It just wouldn’t be a Jeep if it weren’t trail-rated, as the company’s roots go back to capable, off-road ready vehicles like the Wrangler. Only available in the top-of-the-line Trailhawk trim, Jeep’s award-winning 4×4 system is most than able to kick up dirt when you’re feeling adventurous.

Up to 8.7 inches of Ground Clearance – In order to really call it an offroad-ready SUV, it needs to have enough ground clearance to tackle simple and complicated obstacles. And with maximum ground clearance that matches the Subaru Forester and older sibling, Jeep Cherokee, the Renegade is more than just talk.

Urban/Regular Driving Facts 

Features Two Removable Roof Panels – While it may not be the same as the Wrangler’s removable top, the Renegade’s two removable roof panels do bring more fun to the Mini Jeep.

Given an Urban Feel by its Rookie Designers – Many of these facts may already be shocking, but one of the most shocking has to be the fact that the Renegade was designed by Jeremy Glover and Ian Hedge, two graduates from Detroit’s College for Creative Studies. Their process was unlike any you may have heard of from professional car designers, as they drew inspiration from extreme activities such as base jumping, parkour, and paintball to make the car feel more urban. (That explains the interior color names more as well!)

An EcoDiesel Model Will Be Available…Just Not in the U.S. – While the RAM 1500 and Jeep Grand Cherokee have an EcoDiesel option here in the U.S., we may be waiting for the Renegade EcoDiesel for quite a while, as demand just isn’t there for diesel powered crossover SUVs. Across the pond in Europe, however, the EcoDiesel Renegade is sure to be a big hit!

Gets 30+ MPG on the Highway – When the new Cherokee was unveiled with 31 MPG, it was unheard of for a Jeep to be efficient. But with the Renegade, it’s clear Jeep plans to corner the market on capable, efficient SUVs over the next few years with its all-new line up of incredible vehicles.

17 Facts about 2015 Jeep Renegade