2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee – Miami, FL

2016 Grand Cherokee Miami FL

Buying an SUV can be difficult, as getting the best of the best is never cheap. And while that’s no different for the 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee, it provides amazing value for buyers. As a classic and reliable Jeep, though, it has an incredible reputation that makes it an excellent choice.

Whether you go for the base model or high-priced Summit trim, you can feel confident that you’re purchasing a quality 4×4 SUV.

Great Value from Incredible Trim Levels

At a base price of just $29,495, the 2016 Grand Cherokee is one of the most affordable, capable full-size SUV. You can opt for more features and options, but the base Laredo model does offer plenty for the asking price.

Should you want more interior features, capabilities, or a more elegant exterior look you can upgrade to one of the following trims:

  • Limited: $36,495
  • Overland: $43,195
  • Summit: $48,195

With each model that you step up, you are going to get more features. So even though your price increases, what you get in return for your money is going to do the same.

Buying a 2016 Grand Cherokee in Miami

Kendall Jeep has an incredible selection of 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee in stock to help give you the chance to look inside and compare different models and trims.

Our prices can’t be beaten by other Miami Jeep dealers, and we’ll never pressure you into buying a particular vehicle. We understand that you’ve done your research and want to let you pick the best vehicle for your unique situation.

Must-Have Grand Cherokee Options

  1. Ventilated Seats. With hot Miami weather, you may rarely find time to use heated seats in your new Grand Cherokee, but you’ll get a lot of usage out of our ventilated seats. Thanks to the air flow created, you’ll never have to worry about cooling down while enjoying a summer drive.
  2. Power Liftgate. Whether you’re carrying a load of groceries or just want the added convenience, a power liftgate means you’ll never have to open up the back of your Grand Cherokee again. Just once click and it does the work for you!
  3. Beautiful 20-inch Wheels. To give your 2016 Grand Cherokee an even better look, you’ll want to spring for the 20-inch wheels.

If you’re interested in a new Grand Cherokee in Miami, give Kendall Jeep a visit and take a look at our inventory. We’ve got plenty of models in stock to ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for!