2016 Ram 1500 Gets an Off-Roading Package

January 19th, 2016 by

The 2016 Ram 1500 in Miami has an off-roading package added on to the Rebel trim. The Rebel is the most distinctive truck in the 1500 lineup, thanks to the unique design of the truck. This unique styling also serves practical purposes as well, and the design also enhances the performance off the road. This truck is sure to be a favored by the consumer who has a sense of adventure, and wants to sate that off-roading hunger.

It appears that there is a new brand contending for an off-roading position in 2016, and this Rebel looks like it can hold it’s own just fine.

Design Changes

The first thing you will notice with the Rebel is a departure from the traditional Ram front end. The crosshair grilles found on most models have been replaced with a new interlocking grille design and brand new front-bumper, both of which are much more bold looking. The designers felt like that wasn’t enough of a statement though, so they threw the RAM text in big silver letters across the front grille instead of the usual Ram’s head logo. There are also two hood scoops present, along with a skid-plate and LED fog lights that further distance this truck from the norm. The back is almost a direct reflection of the front, and has the same bold style. The RAM letters are again plastered across the back, and dual-exhausts help round off this sporty and adventurous look.

The Ram Rebel is available in 5 bold colors: Flame Red, a Black Clear Coat, Granite Crystal Metallic, Bright Silver Metallic, and a Bright White. All which look very “in your face” when equipped with the front-grille and bumper.


The interior in the Ram Rebel has also received a new look, and has the same adventurous feeling the outside does. The dashboard and seats are a two-tone red and black color combination, and the seats sport a unique embroidery that match the tread pattern on the tires of the Rebel. The Ram logo is slathered everywhere: on the seat bolsters, upper glove box, and gauge cluster. All have the embossed RAM logo sitting proudly on them, reminding you that you are indeed sitting in a Ram.

Other than this new look on the inside of the Ram Rebel, the interior remains relatively unchanged from the rest of the 1500 lineup.


This rebellious design doesn’t just make a statement, but it also backs it up. The Rebel gets a new set of wheels and tires. The 17-inch black-and-silver aluminum wheels are snugly tucked-in by 33-inch all-terrain Toyo tires. In order to compliment the bigger-size tires on the Rebel, Ram also gave it a minor lift. It has a one-inch air suspension and air springs, and these air springs are adjustable. They can be raised to provide more clearance off-the road, or lowered to provide a more aerodynamic drive on the road. On top of impressive (and adjustable) ground clearance, the Ram also has enhanced front and rear shocks that provide an even better off-road experience.

The Rebel comes equipped standard with the 3.6-liter Pentastar V6, or the 5.7-liter Hemi V8 engine. With the Hemi putting out 395 horsepower and a juicy 410 pound-feet torque, why wouldn’t you get it? That increase in torque is sure too make this Rebel a serious off-roading beast when crashing through the forest trails or climbing over rocks.

Bold Looks, and even Bolder Performance

It’s safe to say the 2016 Ram 1500 Rebel is just as eye-catching as it is performance oriented. Ram wanted this truck to make a statement, then back it up with performance. The combination of aesthetic and performance changes make this a truck that has some bold looks, and an even bolder performance.

The Rebel starts at a base MSRP of  $45,200, which pays for the truck and the promise of a fun and durable off-roading experience.

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