2019 Promaster Lineup – Keeping Ram’s Cargo Van Competitive

July 10th, 2018 by

Feeling the heat from other revamped cargo vans, the Ram Promaster had no choice but to reach for upgrades for its 2019 model. By adding new configurations, improving its capability, and a few external retouches, the Ram Promaster makes it clear that it’s ready to take the cargo van market by storm. Having not only functional, but ornamental upgrades as well, the Ram Promaster is aiming to become a top of the line commercial vehicle ready to suit a consumers cargo van needs.  

The Promaster lineup is expanding its 2019 models by implementing a standard 136-inch wheelbase, now readily available with a low roof in the 2500 model, and buyer’s choice of either a low roof or a high roof in the 3500 model. In the past, buyers did not have these options, seeing as how the 136-inch wheelbase was only available in a high roof form on the 2500 model.

Apart from these new configurations, the Ram Promaster has also enhanced it’s load capacity in the 2019 models. The 1500 model can now handle a load up to 4,000 pounds, increasing about ten pounds from the 2018 model. The 2500 model however, can now handle up to 4,230 pounds, up about 100 pounds from the 2018 model. The 3500 model is the winner in terms of increased load capability – up a whopping 240 pounds from last year, the 3500 model can withstand up to a 4,680-pound load.

The towing capability of the Ram Promaster has also been upgraded, allowing the commercial vehicle a new and improved towing capability up to 6,800 pounds. The increase in towing capability also allowed Ram to design and introduce a new set of trailer-tow equipment, including a specifically designed receiver hitch with four- and seven-pin harnesses.

The ornamental improvements are to be celebrated as well. The addition of the classic “RAM” grille is a welcomed exterior upgrade, evoking the confidence and celebrated strength of the distinct brand styling of the pickup line. New black bumpers, side panels, and optional black steel wheels help complete the look. Additionally, the high-roof models now offer polycarbonate side rear windows, while the low-roof models offer side rear windows with steel grates. The new interior LED lighting is 20 times brighter than in the older models, with integrated motion sensors for convenience as well. Upfits will be available for your Promaster, allowing you to customize your cargo area in a practical and efficient way. Whether you want to transform your cargo area into a traveling tool shed, or an office on wheels, the upfit system has all your bases covered.

The Ram Promaster also offers state of the art telematics, powered by Verizon. Not only can this commercial vehicle help you achieve more with the newly implemented upgrades, but the telematics can help you as a business owner to improve fuel efficiency, route efficiency, and promote safe driving by gathering real-time driver behavior data.

You can count on a Ram commercial vehicle like the Promaster to get the job done, no matter the challenge.

“Our van offerings answer the key segment demands with class-exclusive features, greater capability and low total cost of ownership,” says head of FCA’s Ram brand, Mike Manley.

Case in point, the Ram Promaster remains unmatched in terms of efficiency, customizable functionality, and accessibility, exceeding every business owner’s standards. Find yours at Miami Lakes Automall today.

Photo Source/Copyright: Ram