2026 Chrysler 300 Set In Motion?

November 28th, 2023 by

300 Chrysler Kendall Dodge

Chrysler is going to remove the thought that they are set to replace their legendary 300 vehicle. An announcement earlier this year came to front regarding their future and the 300 is set to be an EV. We were always a fan of the vehicle and happy to see the success of the Chrysler has led to this move. The 2026 Chrysler 300, or at least the replacement, will offer the EV capabilities. This is a couple years after we will see the Stellantis approved 2024 Dodge EV set to debut next year. The plan is to turn the four-door sedan into a vehicle that rides on a similar platform as its Dodge cousin. The word coming out is the new Chrysler EV will run thanks to an “800-volt electrical architecture”. With that kind of output, the range of horsepower could provide as much as 201 horsepower up to as much as 443 horsepower, according to Drive, an Australian outlet.

More Chrysler EVs Coming Down the Pike

This debut will happen years after the launch of the 2025 Chrysler currently unnamed EV, the first EV made by Chrysler in its breathtaking compact SUV form. We first saw the concept known as the Chrysler Airflow, a nameplate that debuted back in its first run in 1937 through 1940. Chrysler saw its concept go from a sure thing to headed back to their shop to  world will soon re-learn the name of this Chrysler product. Chrysler has a new slogan “Clean technology for a new generation of families,” and the news these days are all tied into how Chrysler will craft their brand to reflect those massive changes.

What will come next for the Chrysler brand involves ensuring they release a vehicle that draws a proper amount of attention from customers and publication alike. Just offering an electric vehicle might not be enough to entice buyers when a plethora of new electric vehicles has seemingly come out of nowhere. Howeve, we don’t doubt that the parent company of Chrysler, Stellantis, will not be able to draw attention and put out an outstanding vehicle to compete in the ever-growing EV market. Thankfully, Chrysler still runs production on the the famed Chrysler Pacifica and Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid minivan. These rides have sold well for over half a decade and show no signs of slowing down.

“The Pacifica is the latest evolution of the origins of the species. This made-in-Canada people-mover carries the spirit of the original Caravan, loaded with practical, family-friendly features. It invented the segment and continues to do so by offering (features) like Stow ‘N Go seating even on the all-wheel-drive model when its competitors can’t even figure out how to make their middle row of seats disappear,” said AutoGuide Editor Kyle Patrick.

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