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If you don’t already own a Jeep, you are missing out on all that the popular brand has to offer, including rugged dependability, greater power and control while driving, and a comfortable ride even over the rockiest terrain.

Yet even if you already own a Jeep, there are still many things you might not know about this storied brand. Jeep has a long history full of exceptional design and innovation, and it has a lot of tricks up its sleeve that can still surprise you.

Go to any Miami Jeep dealership and you will quickly see the quality that Jeep has to offer. But here are five things you wouldn’t know just by looking at a Jeep yet that inform its long tradition of excellence:

Jeep Have been Assembled at the Same Plant since the 1940s


Though Jeep has the power to roam wherever it wants, the brand knows that there’s no place like home. Jeep has been assembled at the same plant in Toledo, Ohio, since the very first Jeeps were built in the 1940s for use by the military in World War II.

The Toledo Complex has been expanded over the years, and it now has 3.64 million square feet of space on 312 acres and employs nearly 5,000 people. The plant has overseen the assembly of the Jeep CJ, Willys Jeep Station Wagon and many other Jeep and Dodge models over the years.

As the Jeep brand has grown, many other plants have been built to accommodate demand, including the Toledo North Plant and the Toledo Supplier Park right in the same city.

Jeep is the #1 Seller of SUVs in the World

Jeep dominates the SUV market, and it is now the top seller of SUVs in the world. In 2014 alone, Jeep sold 1.02 million units around the world. Those sales were fueled in part by a drop in gasoline prices, but also by the consistent reputation that Jeep enjoys for high quality and dependability. The previous year, Jeep had another record-making year by selling 731,565 units.

Jeep’s longtime success shows that its huge sales numbers are not just a fluke. The brand is expected to pull in big sales numbers for 2015, as well, and it is looking at ways to expand its line in the coming years, including offering hybrid models and even a Jeep pickup truck.

In fact, Jeep’s continued growth may only be limited by its ability to keep up with demand. The automaker is working to find ways to ramp up production, including looking into new plant options.

Jeep Wrangler’s Rubicon Trim is Named after the Rubicon Trail

rubicon trail

The Rubicon Trail may be a long way from Miami Jeep dealerships, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a taste of the the Sierra Nevada right here on the sandy beaches of the Florida shore. The Rubicon trim package for the Jeep Wrangler is inspired by the rugged trail, which is part road and part trail. The union of the trail and the Jeep brand in one package seems ideal.

The Rubicon Trail begins in Georgetown, California, and ends in Lake Tahoe. Along the way, the 22-mile trail passes through the El Dorado National Forest, the Tahoe National Forest, Wentworth Springs and Loon Lake. The trail offers stunning views, as well as opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts to hike and enjoy other activities. The trail also has a reputation as one of the most difficult off-road trails in the country.

Jeep also uses the Rubicon Trail as a testing ground, and it hosts the Jeep Jamboree there each year.

The Rubicon trim package includes features like alloy wheels, high-quality Goodyear tires, a Rock-Trac four-wheel drive system, and chrome grill. Special edition models had their own Rubicon trim packages, such as the Rubicon Tomb Raider Edition, which also featured a diamond-plated bumper guard, a light bar and riveted fender flares.

Jeep Designed the 7-Slot Grille to Avoid Copyright Infringement


A popular meme has done the social media rounds saying that Jeep’s seven-slot grille design was inspired by the fact that Jeep was the first vehicle to be driven on all seven continents. However, there is no evidence to suggest that Jeep actually was the first vehicle to accomplish this feat, and the real facts behind the seven-slot grille design involve avoiding legal action for infringing on a Ford design.

Jeeps were designed in response to a call from the U.S. military for concept cars for a reconnaissance vehicle. The American Bantam Car Company was the only company to produce the concept design in the short time frame requested, but the military had doubts about awarding the contract to the financially struggling company. Instead, it handed over the company’s design to Willys-Overland and Ford to produce their own concepts.

Willys-Overland created what would become the standard Jeep, but both company’s models were very similar since they were based on the same design from the American Bantam Car Company. Willys-Overland modified the grille on its design to distinguish it from the nine-slot grille included on Ford’s design. The new seven-slot grille was chosen to avoid any conflicts over copyright going forward.

Jeep is Considered a Luxury Brand in China


In the United States, Jeeps are often seen as a utilitarian vehicle, providing the power and dependability where needed to manage tough terrain or haul heavy loads. While more luxury models are available, such as the Jeep Grand Cherokee, the first thought about Jeep is usually one of practicality rather than luxury.

However, in China, Jeep is widely seen as a luxury automobile and a status symbol, and its rivals include brands like BMW and Audi. To match the belief that Jeep is a luxury brand, Jeeps are also priced thousands of dollars higher in China than they are in the United States. However, most of the price is due to international import taxes and fees.

Thanks to the country’s perception of Jeep, China is the largest global marketplace for the brand. In 2013, sales rose 29 percent in China over the previous year, selling 59,536 units. The top model was the Jeep Compass, which sold 32,000 units, followed by the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

No matter where it is sold, Jeep has maintained a reputation for quality. After more than 70 years in production, Jeep has developed a rich history that includes innovative design and advanced automotive technology, but it has always remained true to its roots. As a result, it has won over customers around the world, earning a place as a top seller.

When you shop Miami Jeep dealerships, you will see more than this year’s models. You’ll see a tradition of excellence that has built on past designs. When you buy a Jeep, you can feel confident in the reliability and performance you will receive. Now that you know these interesting facts about Jeep history, you can also impress your friends and family with all that your new Jeep has to offer.

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