5 Things True Jeep Lovers Do

January 8th, 2015 by

Jeep Wave - Jeep Wrangler

What is it about being a Jeep owner? They just seem to have more fun. From hitting the dunes to heading into the deep woods, Jeep drivers are always looking for new ways to push things to the limits.

Doors off, top off, tunes playing—it’s a sense of freedom that only a Jeep lover could know. And that’s why off-road enthusiasts have developed into such a cohesive bunch.

They have insider rituals and traditions because they’re all in on one secret: Life is just way better in a Jeep.

Though they may arrive at home drenched in mud and exhausted from a day of negotiating unforgiving terrain, they’ll always be smiling.

Jeep Wave

Ah, the wave…this is one incredibly well-known ritual that Jeep drivers are responsible for upholding. It’s an acknowledgement of the inherent bond between all Jeep lovers.

Whether they’re rocking a CJ, a Wrangler, or a Cherokee, they remember to give a one-handed wave and a nod to fellow enthusiasts.

While it may seem like a simple act, the Jeep wave is actually governed by a series of guidelines. The rules dictate things like which driver should wave first and what type of a wave is required.

A number of factors come into play. For instance, a classic Jeep model should receive more enthusiastic recognition than one that’s fresh off the lot of a Jeep dealer in Miami.

According to JeepTalk, a point system can be used to assess each vehicle’s the worthiness, with more points being allotted for impressive modifications and battle scars.

Though Jeep fans always give each other at least a quick signal, an intensified wave is used to honor particularly awesome models.

Join Jeep Clubs

For humans, it’s important to feel like a part of something bigger. And that’s exactly what Jeep clubs are all about.

Why go on an adventure alone when you could have exponentially more fun surrounded by other off-road enthusiasts? Spending time with people who share the same interests can be a blast, and it often leads to new friendships.

Plus, traveling in packs also has other advantages when you’re taking on tough terrain. If you lose traction and get in a jam on your own, you’ll probably end up spending a lot of time and energy trying to recover your Jeep.

However, if you’re part of a group that’s traveling together, everyone can lend a hand and have your vehicle back on the trail in no time.

Finding the best trails is another reason many people choose to join Jeep clubs. You have  your own favorite location to go off-pavement and enjoy the great outdoors, and so do other off-roaders.

By sharing knowledge about the best places to head in a Jeep, everyone in the club gets to try new trails and take on new challenges.

It’s easy to find a club to join if you search online. Lists of local groups are available on popular 4×4 websites. You can also find Jeep clubs on social media sites, like Facebook, and connect with them there.

Jeep lovers typically welcome new members into their clubs so they can share stories, ideas, and experiences. That’s why finding a group is also a great way to learn the ropes if your new to the world of Jeeps.

Go Off-Roading Regularly

Now here’s the thing…there are those who buy Jeeps only for the iconic looks and tough demeanor.

Sure you can get one and take it out on the trail once just to say you did it. But why not just borrow or rent one for a day and get yourself a nice sedan instead?

True Jeep lovers buy the their vehicles because they love a good rush of adrenaline. They’re the kind of owners who don’t worry about some mud here or a scratch there.

They drive Jeeps because no other vehicle on the market is capable of delivering comparable off-road performance.

They want to crawl the big rocks, attempt the steeper incline, and overcome any obstacles in the way, no matter how colossal.

True Jeep lovers daydream about the Moab or the Rubicon while they’re stuck taking the highway to work. And their dream vacation is the Jeep Jamboree instead of a 5-star beach resort.

Rock Bumper Stickers

Oh come on, you can’t drive a Jeep without slapping on one of those humorous bumper stickers to make the guy behind you chuckle.

Here are just a few of the lines you can often see plastered across a Jeep’s rear windshield or bumper:

  • It’s a Jeep thing. You wouldn’t understand.
  • Stock Jeeps worry me.
  • I’d rather be winching than working.
  • Paved roads are a fine example of needless government spending.
  • Life is simple: Eat, Sleep, Jeep.
  • I may be topless, muddy, and lost, but never stuck.
  • Following me? Good luck with that.

And the bumper isn’t the only place you’ll see a Jeep lover rocking their favorite brand. Fans proudly wear the name on t-shirts, hoodies, baseball caps, wristwatches, backpacks, and just about anywhere else they can put it.

You’ll even see parents starting their kids young with witty Jeep onesies and strollers with the name. It’s never too early to foster a passion for adventure.

Modify, Modify, Modify

A true Jeep lover’s work is never done because it’s not about the Jeep you buy, it’s about the one you build. From lift kits to lockers, winches to sliders, there are just so many goodies to be had.

And that’s why so many Jeep fans truly love their wheels. Though their vehicles come ready to rumble from the get-go, with modifications, there isn’t any terrain that can stand in a Jeep’s way.

That’s why each one is so unique. Owners tailor their Jeeps to meet their needs. Whether they add fender flares to protect the body or an LED light bar for night cruising, each Jeep becomes one-of-a-kind.

And even when an owner purchases the parts for an aftermarket mod, like a lift, they still have to tinker with it to enhance it. Every Jeep has to have at least a few bits and pieces fabricated by its owner.

As with any truly rewarding undertaking, the blood, sweat, and tears put into personalizing a Jeep make it all the more valuable to its owner.

Hence the extra respectful wave given to drivers of seriously modified Jeeps. All Jeep lovers know what it means to own a genuinely off-road ready vehicle.

They understand the work that goes into it, and they know that’s all part of the fun.