All-New Jeep Wagoneer S EV Will Be Shown At the End of May

May 23rd, 2024 by

Jeep Kendall Dodge
Jeep will begin allowing buyer reservations for their first all-electric vehicle, the all-new Jeep Wagoneer S. From May 31 after a reveal event the day before in New York City, the Jeep brand will have plenty to offer customers on this next era of Jeep efforts. The time frame for exciting arrival for the premium midsize SUV is expected this fall. And by the end of 2024 a second fully-electric Jeep, the Wrangler-inspired Recon SUV will come into fold for customers to enjoy a new way of exploring Jeep rides at the mid-way point of the 20’s. A new age of engineering taking bold steps ahead willingly.

Driving Jeep EVs Makes Sense

What Jeep vehicles offer the EV trim right now? The expectation is every Jeep vehicle will have at least the 4xe trim or some mild-hybrid or some PHEV capabilities by 2027. Jeep has plans to launch a 4xe version for the Cherokee and Renegade. The Jeep Wagoneer S trim arrives for the 2026 or 2027 model year. The expectation for that ride is a fully-electric driving experience. The United States government recently announced that they intend to expand charging stations for EVs across the country. The Wagoneer took off with solid sales and a great response so naturally the brand felt the next new nameplate to gain its own “S” (special) treatment would be the popular Wagoneer. The Grand Cherokee L arrived last year and improved on the luxury aspect of the Grand Cherokee, offering a smaller, more compact version of the Wagoneer. While they are similar, each Jeep ride carries their own differences and individual hallmarks. Traditionally, Jeep owners like to travel quite far with their whip.

Automatic Perks of 4xe Trims

The Jeep Wrangler 4xe offers 470 miles of a driving range with its 2024 model year. That’s an impressive advancement for the industry and those who are able to drive one are more than happy to admit to the joy of not having to wait to fill up their ride. Not to mention, the prices overall are lower than having to get gas, especially for those who can charge their vehicle while at work or around the growing number of charging stations found in every state in the United States. These EVs work in near silence and can still allow Jeep drivers to waterford these impressive vehicles; so now that adventure can be handled easily, how soon would it take to get a test-drive going? This summer has started early and the weather has had almost no rain, wonderful for enjoying a top down approach.

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