Behind the scenes for Cecily Strong’s Cherokee Effect

April 21st, 2014 by
Cecily and the SNL crew team up with Jeep for a spot

Cecily Strong and Jeep

Ever heard of The Cherokee Effect? Or maybe you’ve experienced yourself? If you aren’t sure, the predominant symptom is the sudden urge for exploration and the need to act on spontaneous adventures. If you feel like you may have it, come to our Jeep dealer, Miami! We will take care of that for you. What if you have all the tools necessary, but don’t know what adventure to go on? Inspiration can always be found in any of the episodes of The Cherokee Effect on Jeep’s YouTube channel. We have got a behind the scenes look at the latest output from said channel, and it is a good one.

The latest episode of The Cherokee Effect features adventures in New York City with Saturday Night Live’s Cecily Strong, as she searches for the perfect costume for her latest sketch. Believe it or not, this collaboration with the Jeep brand was the first time Saturday Night Live has partnered with a brand for a commercial spot. We are happy that it was with Jeep! For all those Saturday Night Live lovers, you have likely noticed the llama and Honest Abe always appearing backstage. Well, the same holds true for this episode of The Cherokee Effect, and we challenge you to spot them! We didn’t catch it at first, but they are there!

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