4 Best Dodge Commercials of All Time

For decades, car companies have used commercials as ways to one-up the competition. One of the companies at the forefront of that strategy is Dodge.

Often featured during the Super Bowl, the brand’s commercials have focused on the companies history, the various vehicles’ stylish designs, and their innovativeness. Of course, they’ve consistently been able to mix some humor in, as well. Despite the creativeness of the commercials, Dodge has still done an admirable job of portraying why their vehicles are some of the best on the market.

While you’re cruising around in your Dodge in Miami, have your co-pilot pull up some of the best commercials in the company’s history…

‘So God Made a Farmer’

This 2013 Dodge Ram commercial expertly incorporated ABC radio broadcaster Paul Harvey’s legendary ‘So God Made a Farmer’ speech from 1978. The Super Bowl ad was particularly interesting because it focused on the brand’s customers, not the brand’s vehicles.

Dale Buss of Forbes put it best, saying “Chrysler managed to insert just enough of its vehicles and brands in each spot so as to make their inclusion seem part of the fabric of the paean, not at all intrusive, thereby lending the kind of authenticity to Ram and Jeep that fuels long-term brand success”.

Ram also announced that they’d make a donation to the National Future Farmers of America foundation for every time the video is shared on Facebook or Twitter… so share away!!

A Bathroom Conversation

This one has to be my favorite, because (I’ll admit it) I’m a sucker for potty humor… and this commercial actually takes place in a bathroom!

Advertising the 2004 Dodge Durango, the two gentlemen at the urinal remark on the vehicle’s length (“seven inches longer”), it’s great looks, and it’s overall power. This leads another fellow in a stall to believe they’re talking about…something else.

It might be a tad crass, but hey, I bet the ad would have caught your attention!

The “Leader of the Human Resistance”

The 2011 Dodge Charger is advertised here as the “leader of the human resistance.” With the fear that robots will one day control everything from our meals to our clothing, Dodge declares that artificial intelligence will never replace a human’s ability to drive.

After all, how boring would it be to have a robotic chauffeur driving you around in your recently-purchased Dodge vehicle? Where’s the fun in that? While it could potentially prevent accidents, there’s no way the human element of driving will ever disappear.

“Man’s Last Stand”

You have to endure a lot during your typical day, whether it’s from a doctor, boss, or significant other. Dodge seems to agree with this sentiment, and they believe you should reward yourself.

What better way to do that than purchasing a new Dodge Charger? As the commercial proclaims, this is “man’s last stand.” While you may not be able to stick it to everybody (especially your wife or husband), you can at least take your frustrations out on the road.


As you’ve seen, Dodge certainly has some of the best commercials out there. What you didn’t see is that the company also has some of the best dealerships, including Kendall Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram in Miami, out there. So next time you have any questions or concerns regarding your Dodge vehicle, expect to be just as satisfied from Kendall’s services as you were from watching the videos.