How to Best Take Advantage of Your New Ram

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We get it. You just purchased a Dodge Ram, and like any new owner of the brand’s vehicles, you know everything about your new ride, including the features, specs and capabilities. However, we’d reckon that even the biggest Ram enthusiast isn’t aware of all Ram’s impressive credentials.

For example, were you aware that you can slightly improve your vehicle’s already-top-of-the-class fuel economy? Furthermore,  did you know that you can easily access a number of various apps without even taking your hands off of the steering wheel?

If you didn’t know about these lesser-known Ram features, then you’ve certainly got some catching up to do!

We’ve gathered some of the most useful tips were could find regarding the Dodge Ram, which you can find below. That way, if you’re in the market for a Dodge Ram for sale in Miami, you can take advantage of these innovative capabilities immediately!

Take Advantage of Your Center Console’s Unknown Features

2009 Dodge Ram Laramie

As one member of said: “This is the first vehicle I have ever had that I feel the need to read the manual, front to rear. I am still discovering things that I missed in the manual. My wife commented yesterday that we will probably sell the truck in ten years, and still not be aware of all it can do.”

Sure, you know that your infotainment system can help you navigate, play your favorite songs, and perform many of your phone’s basic abilities. However, the system is also capable of doing so much more. For example, you should be taking advantage of the Navigation Turn by Turn in Cluster, which allows you to access information regarding the distance to your next turn. You can use this technology without  even having the system in navigation mode.

If you’re a music love, you may have been unaware of the fact that you can set your favorite artists on XM, and the infotainment system will alert you whenever your favorite musician is playing on any of the network’s hundreds of channels. Furthermore, if you had a desire to add additional gauges to your cluster display, you can customize the unit to your liking.

Finally, your vocal cords can access practically anything in a Ram. If you want to take a look at a weather forecast, you just have to ask. If your kids want to watch a movie, all they have to do is say the word.

These unknown easter eggs aren’t limited to just the center console. There’s a variety of additional hidden features that accompany a Ram. You can set your vehicle to push back the driver’s seat whenever you’re ready to leave the vehicle. If you have a trailer hitch, you can use the entry or exit mode, which will mean you won’t have to increase the height of the tongue. Previous models also allowed you to press specific buttons that would allow your two front windows to roll down automatically.

There Are Multiple Ways to Improve Your Ram’s Fuel Economy


You shouldn’t necessarily expect eye-popping fuel economy from such a big and hefty pickup truck, although the Ram’s 15 city mile per gallon and 21 highway mile per gallon efficiency is certainly worth being recognized compared to the specs from competing trucks. Still, if you’re switching over from a sedan to the Ram pickup, you may initially be a little surprised at how much you’re dishing for fuel. If that’s the case, you should probably utilize some tips to maximize your gas tank’s fuel efficiency.

You’ll first want to make sure that all the applicable parts are functioning properly, as even the smallest and (what appears to be) insignificant, faulty piece can reduce your vehicle’s fuel economy, costing you money in the long run. If a specific part looks worn out and old, there’s a good chance that it is… and that means that the part is not performing to the best of its abilities. If you’re under the impression that a particular part needs to be replaced or repaired, don’t hesitate to get a new one. Older, decaying parts can not only reduce your car’s fuel economy, but it can compromise your car’s overall performance. This sentiment can apply to the tires, and you’ll also want to make sure that your mechanics are at the proper fuel levels (it’s also essential to use the recommended oil).

Another tip is to swap out your car’s air filter eventually. A car performs at its best when it can breathe, and being able to do this would vicariously impact the fuel economy. A U.S. Department of Energy investigation found that clogged air filters will reduce fuel economy by as much as 14 percent! Besides having an effect on the miles-per-gallon specs, it can also improve your car’s acceleration.

Finally, the way you operate your vehicle can also impact your car’s fuel economy. Accelerating will waste the most fuel, and that’s followed closely by speeding. Sticking to the speed limit is essential, and, if possible, driving at around 60 mph is the best route to go. Stopping and starting is the worse thing you could do to your engine, but it’s obviously unavoidable in some situations. If you’re anticipating a stop, begin decelerating early. This way, you car doesn’t need to accelerate from a stop when that light turns green.

Maximize Lifespan of Your Ram


Car buyers love their Rams, and they’re often sad when it’s time for them to retire their vehicle. While there’s no way that you can drive your truck around forever, you can still keep some pointers in mind that will help maximize your vehicle’s lifespan.

The most essential advice can be found below:

  • Never dropping below one fourth of a tank of gas. A tank that’s consistently full will protect the fuel pump, which should also save you money from future repairs.
  • By free flowing the exhaust and intake, you’ll be letting your engine breath better
  • To prevent your air filter from getting clogged with dust, use compressed air to clean the unit
  • Assure that your block heater is staying warm during the cold months. Neglecting it could lead to worse issues come spring.
  • Keep up on your oil changes, whether it’s for the engine, transmission, or differentials
  • An e-fan will prevent your motor from over heating while the vehicle is beating in the sun

Additionally, even though it may not necessarily be possible, limiting short trips is always a good strategy. If the truck engine never gets hot, plenty of moisture and water can start mixing with the oil. This will result in a black, sludgy goo, which is never good for your vehicle’s mechanics. Furthermore, short trips can also take a toll on your battery and alternator, which aren’t made to constantly be powered on and powered off.


Helpful information, right? Understandably, there’s a whole lot more information and tips out there on the web. The owner’s manual is practically a novel (not that we’re complaining), and if you end up purchasing a Dodge Ram, we’re sure you’ll still be discovering new functions for years to come.

If you’ve been considering a Dodge Ram, get down to Kendall Ram today! The helpful staff will show you their great selection of Ram trucks, and you could easily be driving off the lot in a new vehicle in no time!

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