‘Coal Rollers’ Giving Pickup Drivers a Bad Name

August 13th, 2014 by

Coal Roller - Modified Truck

Pickup trucks are some of the best-selling vehicles in the U.S., with plenty of commercial and practical  personal purposes. But a small segment of pickup truck owners have recently put the spotlight on all pickup drivers, and not in a good way.

They’re called “Coal Rollers.” This is due to the way the truck is modified, sometimes with smoke stacks as opposed to your typical rear exhaust pipes. Smoke switches are then used to increase the engine’s fuel usage, which causes a bad combustion. And what happens as a result? You guessed it, thick black smoke.

If you’re an average 2015 RAM 1500 owner, who simply needs something with the payload to get your job done, you might be wondering why people want to purposely modify their trucks to waste more gas and increase exhaust smoke.

Well, because they can. It’s a half-political, half-environmental protest against democrats like Obama and environmentalists, the EPA, and hybrid vehicles.

The press secretary for the EPA, Liz Purchia, has stated that Coal Rollers are breaking the law by modifying their vehicles with smoke stacks, as it is as a violation of the Clean Air Act to “manufacture, sell, or install” parts that tamper with a vehicle’s emission control device, such as a catalytic converter.

Videos posted to YouTube an other sites show Coal Rollers targeting Toyota Prius and Honda Civic drivers with their antics. The Coal Roller accomplishes this by flipping their smoke switch, which as stated previous, dumps an increased amount of fuel in the truck’s engine, producing a black cloud of smoke. Upon acceleration, the driver behind the Coal Roller is left in the driving through the thick smoke.

The real issue is the fact that diesel trucks, such as the RAM EcoDiesel are truly more efficient than their gasoline counterparts. And when acceleration occurs, more smoke may be emitted when compared to your average non-diesel pickup. I doubt the majority of diesel pickup owners want someone to think they were intentionally blowing smoke at them after seeing this type of behavior from other pickup owners.

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