Dodge Flashback: Polara Once Top Draw

August 25th, 2023 by

Dodge is growing to new EV endeavors, so many folks are wondering if they will still pack the punch. The long-time fans of the brand might be surprised to see an electric Dodge muscle car. Those who recall the 1960s will know the Dodge golden era of muscle. The 1960 Dodge Polara was the first ever muscle car made by the Dodge brand in the 1960s and wound up being the most successful Dodge nameplate with success lasting the entire decade. The stretch from 1960 through 1970 when the Dodge Challenger overtook the Dodge brand as its premiere Dodge vehicle. The Dodge brand has seen their muscle car sales grow to levels that are similar to pre-Covid-19 figures.

A History of the Dodge Polara

The Dodge Polara saw its first generation range from 1960 to 1961 and after two years, the second-generation was introduced as the sales from 1961 dipped 50% from the year before. The 1962 Dodge Polara was the start of a smaller muscle car that saw its wheelbase trimmed to 116 inches. The Dodge Polara would offer its third-generation from 1965 and 1968 with the muscle car going into a full-size C platform build. The Polara replaced the Dodge 880 and was the top vehicle for the brand. The Dodge Polara ended with its fourth-generation that came out in 1969 and ran five years. The 1973 Polara was the last one made as the Dodge brand created the Monaco to replace the vehicle in 1974. The Dodge Polara was sold as a Classic car for $18,113 on October 14th, 2020 at an auction in Toronto, Canada to give customers an idea of the massive resale value attached to all Dodge vehicles.

Dodge Muscle Cars Are Super 

Dodge has seen their muscle cars of today expand to wild horsepower numbers, as much as 3,000 horsepower with aftermarket help ramping up the final product. Dodge has put a lot of stock into making their vehicles maximize their potential by removing certain trims or vehicles to get the most out of the brand. For those that can’t wait for the electric muscle from Dodge, shop with us today for the current generation of Dodge engineering; today is the time to buy Dodge

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